Hi-Hi Busy In Training – And Preparing For Action

Third Lanark AFC boss David Ampleford is excited about future plans and action within the Spark of Genius Central Scottish Amateur League, reports Chief Writer Tom Scott.

Today he told me: “We’ve been busy back at training.”

“Our numbers have been great and some new additions to the Club.”

“We’ve got a friendly lined up v Tollcross AFC on 22nd May.”

“We then have our remaining two league fixtures with Gartcosh on 26th and Castlemilk Dynamo on 29th. Both games are meaningless to us, so its good to get them out the way nice and quick.”

“Two really tough tests for us.”

“We’re just getting all our new players signed, and we’ll get some pics once the lads get in the new kits.”

Hi-Hi Fully Covered For Weather-Changing Conditions

A drop in temperatures for football training sessions is always a shock to the system – especially coming out of another lockdown – but the backroom staff at Third Lanark AFC prepared well in advance for all eventualities, writes Tom Scott.

Not quite a week into welcome, but restricted- numbers Non-Contact Sessions, Manager David Ampleford has revealed exactly how the Spark of Genius Central Scottish AFL Club have adapted to helping everyone involved.

David kindly provided the photographs for use at Scottish Amateur Football News and he told me: “After our first warm-up, I dished out some Third Lanark snoods that were made by MANNIK MERCHANDISE. Absolutely brilliant additions to the team at this time.”

“The lads have also been provided with their new Waterproof Jackets that were sponsored by WHITECROSS PLASTERING Ltd, who were so good generous to us before we had to stop.”

The support from WHITECROSS PLASTERING Ltd doesn’t just end there, according to David.

He added: “The company have also sponsored new Coaches Jackets, which we have also distributed.”

I have to say given the change in weather since midweek, I bet they were welcomed with open arms!

Thanks again to David for all the Social Distancing Non-Contact Training photographs.

Thirds On A Hi-Hi Over Restricted Training

Third Lanark AFC Manager David Ampleford was back on the training ground with restricted player numbers for an hour last Saturday – and he loved every minute of the non-contact stint, writes Tom Scott.

David told me “I got up early and started looking out all the training equipment. It was nice to have that routine again, and brilliant to be back.”

“I know it’s like a diluted version of what we want, but let’s just accept what we can have right now. I’ve said for a while that lockdown has had a devastating effect on Mental Health, so this gives us a little bit of hope that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We’ve managed to retain pretty much every member of the squad from last season. There are a couple of players whose lives have changed with new jobs and becoming fathers, so it’s likely we may lose them.”

“We had two new players in on Saturday, and a couple more coming tomorrow for the next session, plus a possible return of a player who was with us a couple of years ago, which will help spark some more life into the Squad.”

“The coaches and I had spoken about how the session would look. An hour is not long enough when you factor in the warm-up etc. Loads of coaches are doing this return differently.”

“My stance, for now, is that we’ve been so long without playing that we use the limited time to get the ball back at our feet. Following drills on simple touch and movement, we advanced onto a passing drill we often use before games. It’s a great one for passing, moving and concentration.”

“While we didn’t have any fitness-specific segments, the lads were definitely put through their paces.”

“I am looking forward to continuing this twice a week and seeing the Squad take shape.”

The Big Player Interview: Robbie Sinclair (Third Lanark AFC)

It’s a return to Glasgow today as Third Lanark AFC Captain Robbie Sinclair is in my Big Player Interview Series, writes Tom Scott.

What position do you play with Third Lanark?

“Play everywhere although I’m a winger recently converted to centre half.”

When did you sign, and what was the attraction in playing for them?

“Signed for Thirds in 2017, I think. The attraction in playing for Thirds is getting to challenge ourselves in the best Amateur League in Scotland.”

Have you won any honours, and can you name the years?

“Won back-to-back League titles in my first and second seasons with the Club in the Greater Glasgow League. I think it was 2017/18 and 2018/19.”

What has been the best playing-memory so far with the Club?

“There’s been a few, but probably the day we won our first League Title. Was the first piece of silverware in my playing career.”

What is the best wind-up or prank you have seen in the game?

“Nothing better than getting folk to open up windows in the Changing Rooms that aren’t there!”

What are your Short-Term and Long-Term Aims moving forward?

“Short term goal right now is to get back to playing football, seeing everyone and enjoying the game.”

“Long term is to get us back to where we belong playing attractive attacking football and competing for trophies.” Mon the HiHi!

The Big Player Interview: Daniel O’Brien (Third Lanark AFC)

The famous Hi-Hi (namely Third Lanark AFC) enter my Interview Spotlight Series for the first-ever time today, writes Tom Scott.

Many thanks to Daniel, and his Manager Mr David Ampleford for all their time and feedback.


“Daniel O’Brien. Play Left Back.”


“Signed in 2011 as a youngster.”

“After a short break from football, Third Lanark’s ambition and history drew me back into football.”




“Got to be winning back-to-back titles with an amazing group of players,. The harmony in that squad was second to none.”


“Can’t really recall any on the day of a game, plenty to be said after the final whistle goes.”



“Get back to the level of fitness and match sharpness I was at before the first lockdown hit last March.”


“It has got to be winning trophies, playing this game you’ve got to be ambitious and strive to be the best.”

Around The Amateur Football Scene (28/02/2021)

SAFN Chief Writer Tom Scott takes an end-of-the-week look around some Amateur Football Clubs.

Glasgow Harp are introducing a new Club idea – VEO Camera – a portable recording solution which will enable them to record and analyse both games/ training sessions.

Without doubt, a super addition to the Caledonian League Premier Division team set-up.

Ayr Parkhouse AFC are hoping to build a good squad for Sunday football as they focus on the 2021-2022 season. Contact Officials #Parkies via their Twitter Page.

Third Lanark AFC are hoping to attract fresh talent who want a new challenge in the Spark of Genius Central Scottish AFL.

I hear Drumchapel United (Saturday Morning) have been making big changes behind the scenes.

Rhu Amateur Football Club are 125 years old.

Greenock HSFP AFC have confirmed their next Last Man Standing Competition will include a 25% Donation to Ardgowan Hospice.

Nock have previously had a couple of big LMS winners. To get involved contact anyone at the Club of through DM.

Hi-Hi Fully Prepared For More Winter Weather

In footballing terms nothing beats being prepared – even when you are sidelined due to a pandemic – and Third Lanark AFC Manager David Ampleford has ensured the Spirit of Genius Central Scottish AFL club can respond to all eventualities

A sponsorship deal prior to the end of 2020 provided proof that it pays to have a Plan B up your sleeve -. especially given last week’s winter chill.

Said David “The Coaches Jackets and Waterproofs were bought by one of our new principal sponsors, Whitecross Plastering Ltd. An absolutely outstanding gesture by them.”

“These garments were provided by Total TeamWare, who we’ve been with for about 5 years now. Absolutely brilliant.”

If the weather turns colder again, the H-Hi will be right in the snood (ouch) to cope with below zero temperatures!

David revealed “The new snoods were paid for by the teams. We used Mannik Merchandise who are good friends of our club, and they’ve done a great job. No fewer than 160 of them were delivered.”

Famous Hi-Hi Right In The Snood For Christmas

Third Lanark AFC Manager David Ampleford today revealed the Spirit of Genius Central Scottish AFL club have been handed a Pre-Christmas boost – thanks to a sponsorship deal.

Said David: “The Coaches Jackets and Waterproofs were bought by one of our new principal sponsors, Whitecross Plastering Ltd. An absolutely outstanding gesture by them.”

“These garments were provided by Total Teamwear, who we’ve been with for about 5 years now. Absolutely brilliant.”

If the weather turns colder in early January, the H-Hi will be right in the SNOOD to cope with below zero temperatures!

David revealed: ” The new snoods were paid for by the teams. We used Mannik Merchandise who are good friends of our club, and they’ve done a great job. No fewer than 160 of them were delivered last week. “

The Big Interviews – End Of Year Review – David Ampleford (Third Lanark AFC)

Back in early November I made contact with Third Lanark AFC Manager David Ampleford for another in my new Series at Scottish Amateur Football News, writes Tom Scott. Due to the nature of his comments, I had second thoughts about going ahead with production – David gave me permission, and the rest is history. The Article was not only the most-read that week, but also actively inspired many people who had been in David’s former position.

“Third Lanark Gaffer: I Was In A Dark Place With Mental Health.”

Anyone who knows David Ampleford will vouch for his love of football and in particular, the great honour of being manager of Third Lanark AFC.

This is the gentleman who, after all, was asked to run a new team at the famous Hi-Hi for a couple of weeks -. and is still there well into his 9th season!

The current second wave of Covid-19 has brought increased hospital admissions, on average 500-1000 new daily Scottish cases, and untold grief for those families who have tragically lost a loved one.

We have also sadly heard numerous stories of people who felt the struggle to carry on through lockdowns and restrictions had become so unbearable they decided to take their own life.

David Ampleford is well qualified to talk about Mental Health issues, and he told me: “I am really open about it. That’s why I am conscious about the current situation and talk a lot about it.”

“In August, 2015, I had a mental breakdown (or meltdown). In April 2016 I had a relapse. I was off work from 2015 to 2019.”

“I was in a seriously dark place and a number of times didn’t want to live any more. I am fortunate that I never acted on my feelings, and I am in a much healthier place.”

“If it wasn’t for football during that horrible time I dread to think where I would have been. It gave me my week structure and I always looked forward to getting out in the park.”

“Being diagnosed with different anxieties and depression was a big relief to me as it helped me understand, It also helped me know these things had names and that I wasn’t alone”

“I set-up a Facebook Page (via Third Lanark AFC) called Mental Illness – My Story – where I reached out to others. That feeling of relief, I got was something I hoped to help others experience.”

David’s “Gaffers Mental Health Challenge”. contains Videos 1 and 2, and relates to Mental Health Awareness and Improvement. They give an insight into how you or partners of anyone who feels that urgent advice is required about depression and anxiety. For Challenge 1, the post has already reached over 8000 people!

David added “Absolutely phenomenal. I am sure that is only a small % of those who have taken part. All we wanted to do was reach “that 1 person” who wanted to see it.”

“Amateur Football is in a tough position right now. Deeper than that is the mental condition of the guys who’ve no longer got football to look forward to at the weekend.”

“They can’t see their mates and can’t see their family.

“Let’s hope we all pull through this.”