Tass Boss In Under-20 Goalkeeper Recruitment Dive

Manager Ryan Docherty has extended his recruitment drive for at least one experienced goalkeeper aged Under-20 into deepest Ayrshire as he continues working on the role of running the Kilbride Thistle AFC Development team next season, writes Tom Scott.

Currently operating in his position as Tass Thistle Unde-17s boss, Docco is welcoming approaches from custodians who have played at a good level, and would add experience to a Kilbride squad, which will feature 17 year olds moving up, plus 18-19 year olds.

Games are likely to take place on Friday evenings.

Specialist Goalkeeping Coaching at Kilbride Thistle is an attractive part of the signing up process.

Ryan Docherty has already made no fewer than nine key signings. More will follow during the month of June.

Ryan would welcome approaches on 07805757187.

Ayrshire Goalkeepers SOS

Manager Ryan Docherty is casting his recruitment drive for at least one experienced goalkeeper aged Under-20 as he takes on the role of running the Kilbride Thistle AFC Development team next season, writes Tom Scott.

I understand specialist coaching will be available.

Games are likely to take place on Friday evenings.

As I have exclusively revealed today, Docco has already made no fewer than nine key signings. More will follow during the month of June.

Ryan Docherty would welcome approaches on 07805757187.

Kilbride Development Squad Taking Shape

In preparation for their name change from Tass Thistle Under-17s to the new Kilbride Thistle Under-20 Development Squad next season, Manager Ryan Docherty has announced nine signings, writes Tom Scott.

The list reads:
Jamie Thomson (Older brother of Jack who scored the winner last
Tuesday) in a game against St Peters – scoreline 3-2.

Rylee Brookes
Kieran Kelly
Luc Leishman
Jack Taylor
Keiran Lindsay
Ruaridh Thompson
Daiven Sanghera
Thomas Miller

Ryan has also kindly handed over a photograph from one of their Cup Final success stories, which was a factor in Kilbride Thistle Manager Sean Kenney making an approach to bring the squad and their coaches on board, and offer a huge challenge moving forward.

Said Ryan “I will be taking photographs of the new signings and others we have identified moving forward, and rest assured Scottish Amateur Football News will get them exclusively as your coverage of the Amateur game is superb.”

WINNERS…Tass Thistle celebrations in full swing.

Docco On Ayrshire Goalie Recruitment Mission

Ryan Docherty is a Manager on a major Development Mission – identifying and recruiting a promising goalkeeper, reports Tom Scott.

Currently in charge of Tass Thistle Under-17s the whole squad and coaches will move under the banner of Kilbride Thistle AFC as their brand new and exciting Under-20 Development Squad playing on a Friday evening next season.

Its a huge step-up in playing terms alone, but you wont find Docco ducking any issues. Far from it in fact – and that means spreading the net wide and far to boost the goalkeeping position.

Any interested goalkeepers should contact Ryan on 07805757187.

Presently, they can train with certain restrictions and play friendlies.

One came up on Tuesday and they beat St Peters 3-2.

Said Ryan: “We are delighted where we are just now given lockdowns etc. The majority of the squad have looked after themselves.”

“The St Peters game allowed us to get legs playing football again. We rotated the squad and led 2-0 after half an hour.”

Jack Thomson drew praise from his gaffer – setting up the first goal, taking a rest before reappearing and striding through past defenders before unleashing a 20 yarder into the top corner.

Said Ryan: “That’s the best I have seen him play. He came back onto the park and changed the game again…Magnificent!”

“We aim for a mixture of 17 year olds boosted by guys aged 18-19.”

Two current sponsors will be approached to stay and help support the new but dynamic Development Squad, and Ryan hopes to find other areas of financial help.

He would welcome approaches on 07805757187.

Doc Prescribes Continued Improvement At Soon-To-Be Kilbride Set-Up

Scottish Amateur Football News Exclusive

Coach Ryan Docherty is confident a transition from Tass Thistle 2004 to becoming the new Kilbride Thistle AFC Under-20 Development Squad will be met head-on in positive fashion, writes Tom Scott.

Many thanks to Ryan Docherty for the team celebration photograph. It was taken after Tass Thistle 2004 defeated Crosshouse 3-2 in the League Cup Final on 1st June, 2019. Unbelievably, it is the last Squad picture Ryan and his Coaches possess!

Any prospect of Tass finishing at Under-17s level and moving to Under-19 was wrecked by the global pandemic, but Ryan and the backroom team have been far from idle.

Moving under the Kilbride Thistle banner is seen as a shrewd move by First Team Manager Sean Kenney, who has a high regard for 24-year-old Coach Docherty.

Said Ryan: “I always wanted to get into Coaching from my School days. Through Craig Hamilton (SFA) I carried out Work Experience around different Schools, Children with Learning Difficulties, and Street Soccer Leagues.”

“I had already paid for myself to complete a couple of Coaching Badges when a Gentleman running my cousin’s team asked me to help him. Ultimately, had to step down due to his job, and I took over.”

“I noticed boys at Tass Under-15s (at that time) were scared to take the ball under pressure, and needed help, plus have a bit more confidence introduced into them.”

“We have gradually improved. The boys have come on leaps and bounds tactically and technically. – working as a unit on shape and playing a high pressing game.”

“They now have an identity, have won three Cups (I have enclosed a photograph from the Final against Crosshouse), and three players were invited into training by Clyde FC Under-21s.”

Ryan, currently waiting to complete the second part of the SFA C Licence, revealed he was set to depart Tass for the Bully Wee in a coaching role.

He admitted: “I told everyone back in May that Clyde wanted me to be involved with their Under-21s. I spoke with various people to seek advice – including parents of our boys – and they said I should go for it – but as you know Clyde FC have since scrapped most of the youth set-up, and now there is nothing between their First Team level and Under-17s at Broadwood.”

“It’s great to be back working with the other coaches and players again to plan – despite Covid-19 – three-week programmes on strength and conditioning, endurance and running.”

“We’ve also had a few offers to link-up with Junior teams / West of Scotland League Clubs, and we agreed in principle to a one- year trial with Ardrossan Winton Rovers. By late September- early October, Ardrossan decided to withdraw from the West League for this season due to Covid-19, so the “trial” was up the spout.”

“I played for Kilbride Thistle over an 18-month spell and it’s a great Club. Sean Kenney was the Coach during my time there, and he actually signed me. We remained good friends after I left , and usually we met up for a Sunday breakfast before he came to watch us (Tass Thistle) playing in the Ayrshire League.”

“When he told me about his plans at the Club moving forward, and his vision for Kilbride Thistle AFC I immediately knew it was the right move for us – in particular the boys. I know it’s right!”

“We will be the youngest team in the League. Games are played on a Friday night, but were scrapped Pre-New Year due to the pandemic. Any club who was in Membership will still be able to play those registered players, which means they will be over-20. years of age. That is a huge advantage already in their favour.”

“Being a new Club, we won’t be able to do that, but as Coaches it’s up to us to help our players deal with the transition and continue their development.”

First Team Boss Sean Kenney has welcomed the arrival of the entire 2004 Squad.

He told me “I have taken some training sessions with them and they have a really good set-up with excellent players, and quality Coaches.”

“They like to play football the right way. Obviously, they will be the youngest at that level, but they should want to progress within what we can offer them.”

“It’s very exciting times for the Club!”