Amateur Club Pledge Support – And Secure Jersey Sponsor

Forward- thinking West Hamilton AFC are showing support for two excellent charities by displaying each of them on a shirt sleeve and a commercial business sponsor on the front.

The South Lanarkshire club have not only supported Kevin Bryers, who was diagnosed with cancer, by offering him a way back into football, but are proudly promoting both the Beatson Cancer Charity and Chris’s House, which to be honest I and many other people have never of Speaking on behalf of West Hamilton AFC, Gerry Lennon revealed:

“We decided to promote two charities this season. The decision was made to support the Beatson due to Kevin’s personal connection, and Chris’s House a local Lanarkshire Charity for help, response and intervention surrounding suicide.”

“That is another issue, which, as a club, we feel strongly about (a number of players members have had their issues with depression and poor mental health). We are a club with a social conscience and felt it important to promote charities with our new kit this season.”

“Chris’s House counter thoughts of depression, negativity and despair by exchanging reasons for dying with reasons for living. They offer someone who can listen.”

“Regarding the involvement of our strip sponsor, LOCHLIE CONSTRUCTION SHOP and APPIN SPORTS, who made and supplied them, we made approaches and they kindly accepted and were happy to endorse the fact we also had Charity sponsorship.”

Graphic/. Photograph of the two strips showing the Charities displayed on each sleeve,  and sponsor Lochlie Construction Shop was kindly provided by Mr Gerry Lennon.

Amateur Footballer Aims To Help Beatson Cancer Charity

West Hamilton AFC player Kevin Bryers will never forget the support he has received from the staff at the Beatson Cancer Unit which he now plans to raise funds for with a Charity game – and would welcome the support of Scottish senior clubs to support the idea.

Kevin made contact with myself and asked “Is there any way you guys can help (with publicity ) that would be great.”

“I was diagnosed last year with Cancer and the Beatson has been amazing. It was a tough fight.”

“I’m currently in remission at the moment and have to attend the Beatson for the next 5 years, but holding this event is my way of giving something back, plus you meet loads of people who are going through the same thing too, and they rely on funding. This is why I’m trying to make the event as big as I can.”

“West Hamilton are involved as they gave me the chance to get back into football again plus I’m planning to play in goals 1 half with Team Beatson, and the other half with West Hamilton.”

“We have Hamilton Accies on board, and also the Old Firm.”

“Venue has still to be decided. I am in talks with a number of clubs and they are on going.”

Thanks to Kevin for his story and also to Gerry Lennon at West Hamilton AFC for making contact and providing another angle!