We Were The Champions (Easthall Star AFC – Season 2012-2013)

The campaign opened with Goldenhill AFC, who would eventually finish Division 1 B runners-up, thumping Inverkip Thistle 10-1 on August 11th, 2012 writes Tom! Scott.

Just over 10 days later, Goldenhill defeated the visiting Easthall squad 4-1, but the Glasgow East End club quickly put that disappointment behind them and went on a winning run Including the return fixture on November 24th. Star registered a 9-2 score line!

There would be very few slip-ups in either camp as the season gathered pace – although the heart of Boss Danny Cameron probably skipped a few beats in their penultimate domestic fixture at 3rd -top Jamestown, who led 4-2 late on.

Said Danny “We struck twice – including a 35-yard tree kick for the equaliser (4-4). What a finish!”

“To be honest, that point virtually won us the league. We were confident of beating 6th- placed hosts Inverkip the following week. The lads responded winning 8-1 on May 25th, 2013.”

EASTHALL STAR FC….  Scottish Amateur Football League Division 1 B Champions – 2012-2013.

Photograph kindly provided by Mr Danny Cameron.

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The Big Interview – Craig Smith (Record Goal Scorer With Easthall Star AFC)

My Interview Series today features a player no long involved with Amateur Football – Striker Craig Smith, who has hung up his boots after scoring goals galore for Easthall Star FC, writes Tom Scott.

He was quick off the mark explaining the photograph kindly provided. An after-match celebration following the club’s dramatic penalty-kick win against Oban Saints in the Jimmy Marshall Cup final at Vale of Clyde’s Fullarton Park, Tollcross.

He said: “No one gave us a chance of winning that game. Oban were the in- form team, but we stuck at it and scored with a few minutes to go (2-2). We won it 3-2 on penalties.”

“All the boys in the pub celebrating after the game. Think I played in four different positions that day because of so many team injuries. Ended up with one myself!”


“Before Easthall I played for my school team, Easthall. From there onto Glasgow East Schools, the Glasgow School team, Rangers, and after that Easthall Star FC.”

“I currently help out Coaching at Airdrie Community 2010s, where my son Lewis plays.”

“No more Football for me. It’s the Boys’ turn!”

“Would just like to say I was loyal to Easthall all those years because it was just a big group of mates, like a family, on the pitch. Anything happened , everyone was in, and Danny Cameron (Manager) became a good mate. It was also my local team and I was happy we had some great laughs and memories. If I could go back and do it all again I would . In the end, it felt a wee bit strange because I had grown up in a team where I was playing with all the dads, then their kids started playing like Daniel, Aron, Lee, Chris and Dean, so it became strange because I had watched them growing up, but it was probably because I was at Easthall so young.”


“He is a Top Man – Top Manager.”

“He loved playing 3-5-2 because when you have the right personnel it just works, and Easthall always had right good midfielders over the years, and that is where most games are won and lost – guys like JP, Dede, and Gizzy…. What a midfield that was.”

Let’s Celebrate!….. Easthall Star FC after winning the Jimmy
Marshall Cup Final on penalty-kicks against Oban Saints at Tollcross, Glasgow.

Photograph kindly provided by Mr Craig Smith

Easthall Mark Time On Top-Flight Status

EASTHALL STAR FC… were poised to show their prowess in the Scottish Amateur Football League Premier Division.        

Unbeaten after 12 wins on the bounce and holding a 14-point lead over their second-placed challengers – and then a global pandemic brings everything to a shuddering standstill, writes Tom Scott.

Some ten months later, Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron would love to have seen the Glasgow East End club walk the walk in the Scottish Amateur Football League Premier after the decision to stop all football activities was announced last March.

Easthall were top of Premier 1, scored 60 goals in a dozen outings and led Parkhall, who had a game in hand, by the length of Sauchiehall Street.

St Joseph’s (10 straight wins) led the Premier Division, while Glenburn Athletic, from Premier 2, were 14 points in front of St Convals after 15 games.

Said Danny “The League Website shows we were Premier 1 winners, but I can assure you we never received a trophy or players’ medals for obvious reasons”

“We really fancied having a right good go at the Premier. When we were allowed to do so, pre-season went well. The squad played in friendlies against Glasgow Harp, who have tremendous experience, and a new team to the ranks – Arthurlie Amateurs. They really impressed me. Well organised on and off the park,. and I have no doubt they will do well in the Scottish Amateur Football League.”

“We’ve signed 6 cracking lads – in the 22-23 age bracket. Two new strips are ready, plus players and coaches are poised to return when the go-ahead is given.”

Easthall Star Memories: Record Club Goalscorer Craig Smith

Reckoned by many to be one of the best signings made by Manager Danny Cameron, all-time goal scorer Craig Smith takes reflects on some memories at Glasgow East End Amateur club Easthall Star, writes Tom Scott.

Craig Smith: all-time top goal scorer, and played for 21 years.

Last week, I revealed Ian Gillies was still lacing up the football boots aged 51 years.

Ian Gillies ….18 year at Easthall Star FC and still playing aged 51.

Said Craig “For big Ian to be pulling on the boots at 51 is unbelievable.”

“Ian is a no-nonsense defender and trains the way he plays – 100% committed in the tackle, and been a good servant to Easthall.”

ON THE MANAGER: “Danny (Cameron) deserve enormous credit for keeping Easthall Star going all these years – 30 in total.”

Easthall Star Management duo of Danny Graham and Danny Cameron.

“There were times when we struggled to put a team in the park. due to injuries.”

BEST EXCUSE FROM AN ABSENT PLAYER “We had 7 or 8 guys you could count on every week like most teams.”

“I have heard of a few. Some of the excuses we used to hear were nothing short of incredible.”

“Like: ” I can’t make it today (Sunday game day). I am getting carpets fitted on Tuesday!”

“Another one was: ” I won’t be there today. I am in Largs having a wee day away!”

“Now we were struggling to get a team on the pitch, and here you have guys there (Largs) for an ice cream lol.”

Watch out for another article from Craig Smith, and why he has stepped down from playing Amateur Football.

Photographs kindly provided by Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron.

Finnart and Easthall Star Rivalry: Turn Up The Volume

There is nothing quite like a Glasgow East End Amateur Football derby and Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron can recall plenty of memories going up against Finnart AFC, writes Tom Scott.

Star celebrated their 30th anniversary exactly a week ago, and the club encountered red-hot Sunday games against a variety of different teams from the Carluke and District set-up, plus the competitive Burnside League, which one year produced all four Scottish Sunday Trophy Semi-Finalists – including Easthall, who were defeated 1-0 by Barrhead.

However, nothing stood up against the derby meetings with Bridgeton – based Finnart, according to Danny.

He told me: “They were our derby rivals. We always had ding-dong games against them. You know, we were lucky if we lost overall 7 games against them in a period of five years – yet we still could not win a League Championship!”

Easthall all-time record goal scorer, Craig Smith, recalls a great memory from one of those epic meetings.

He revealed “Probably one of the best games and one of the best goals I ever scored was against Finnart. A few weeks prior they put us out the Scottish Cup.”

“I can’t remember the score – Danny can help with that- but we were right up for it because of that, and the history between both teams over the years. We won the game 3-1 I think, but it was the way we won.”

“I scored a penalty after getting brought down by our old captain, Gizzy. Finnart pulled it back to 1- 1, then we scored in a break away (2-1). After that, Finnart were knocking at the door wave after wave of attacks – they were throwing everything at us.”

“Finnart had a corner in the last few minutes. I could see their ‘keeper was playing higher up the pitch, so I decided to stay high up the pitch and wide in the hope the ball would break to me, and that is exactly what happened. I touched the ball just inside their half and smashed it in just under the bar.”

“That’s probably one of the best goals I’ve scored for Easthall, and we won.”

Headline Makers Revisited – Easthall Star FC (2016-2017)

One week after being relegated out of the Scottish Amateur Football League Premier 1 section, Easthall Star FC won the Jimmy Marshall Cup in dramatic fashion against Oban Saints at Vale of Clyde’s Fullarton Park, Tollcross, on Friday, 26th May, 2017, writes Tom Scott.

Oban were the in-form team going into the match, and few Amateur enthusiasts gave Easthall much of a chance on a very warm evening in Glasgow’s East End. Star had to cope with pre-match injuries, and record goal scorer Craig Smith ended up playing four positions during the match.

En route to the final, Oban Saints netted 17 goals and conceded only three, while Easthall’s record was 18-4.

Star Manager Danny Cameron told me “I remember it was very warm, and Fullarton Park was mobbed. Oban brought a great support with them.”

Saints had a goal chalked off and hit the bar before Easthall struck on 8 minutes through Colin Gilmour. Oban equalised after 16 minutes, when a pinpoint corner from Fraser McFarlane was nodded down by Paul Carmichael and hot shot Craig McEwan shot past ‘keeper Donny Grant.

Oban had two penalty kick claims turned down and struck woodwork again before Donald Campbell gave them a 2-1 advantage.Having finished runners-up to champions St Joseph’s in the Premier League, Saints were in a mood to celebrate until Star struck three minutes into injury-time.

Hutchinson sent a free-kick into the packed penalty area and Glen Gilmour looped his header past the despairing Thomas McCulloch.

In the penalty-kick shoot- out, Oban custodian McCulloch saved two attempts from 12 yards, but Easthall’s Donny Grant, who is still at the club today after 6 years, went one better – leaving Dean Scott to step forward and tuck home the winner (3-2).

Captain Alec Gilmour collected the Jimmy Marshall Cup.

Cup Celebrations for Easthall Star FC at Fullarton Park, Tollcross.

Photograph kindly provided by Manager Danny Cameron.

Easthall Youth Evolution Well Under Way

For a large part of their 30 years Easthall Star FC have always has younger Boys’ teams playing in tandem alongside amateur squads, writes Tom Scott.

Now the youth evolution process could well be taking place right now in the shape of the Easterhouse FA.

Ironically, Star founder Danny Cameron knows the benefit of teaching kids good habits, discipline and respect. On 28th January, 2020, he brought youth football back to Easterhouse – and the results are startling!

The Stepford Complex will be their base to introduce expansive, but enjoyable coaching. A well-documented struggle to cut through red tape has been achieved.

All the 130 children and 24 coaches – six of them are Easthall players who like others give up their free time- need now is for day-to-day life to return to normality.

Said Danny Cameron “We have a waiting list of kids who want to be part of our goal over the next 5 years. It won’t be easy, but everyone is looking forward to the challenge.”

Easthall Star (Age Group Born 1995) record  Cup Final win against Dunbeth at the home of Cumbernauld United Juniors in 2011.    

Easthall Star (Age Group 1995) celebrate a Glasgow City Cup Final success during August, 2011.

Easthall Star (Age Group born 1995) pictured in 2012.

All Photographs kindly provided by Danny Cameron.

We Were The Champions – Easthall Star FC (Season 2012-2013)

Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron experienced highs and lows in their first-ever Scottish Amateur Football League season, writes Tom Scott.

The campaign opened with Goldenhill AFC, who would eventually finish Division 1 B runners-up, thumping Inverkip Thistle 10-1 on August 11th,2012.

Just over 10 days later, Goldenhill defeated the visiting Easthall squad 4-1, but the Glasgow East End club quickly put that disappointment to the side, went on a winning run and when the return fixture arrived on November 24th, rattled home a 9-2 scoreline!

There would be very few slip-ups from either camp as the season gathered pace – although the heart of Danny Cameron would have skipped a few beats in their penultimate domestic fixture at 3rd -top Jamestown, where the homesters led 4-2 late on.

Said Danny: “We struck twice – including a 35 yard tree kick for the equaliser (4-4). Real smash and grab.”

“To be honest, that point virtually won us the league. We were confident of beating 6th- placed hosts Inverkip the following week. The lads responded winning 8-1 on May 25th, 2013.”

Easthall Boss Reveals Thoughts On Over-35s Tragedy

Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron has opened up on why he came close to quitting football the night an opposing player collapsed during an Over-35s League match – and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Yesterday, I exclusively revealed the Glasgow East End club were celebrating 30 years in Scottish Amateur Football, but founder Danny admits he will never forget the tragic events events which unfolded that April evening in 2015 at the Greenfield Football Centre, opposite Carntyne.

He said: “I was running our 35s team and it turned out to be my worst experience ever against Carluke.”

“Their player, Kenny Parry, collapsed in front of us, and sadly never recovered despite being taken to hospital.”

“I had to think long and hard about carrying on with any football after that, but we had the honour of winning the Kenny Parry Cup named after him, to hand to his young kids and family.”

“Now for every good or bad thing in football, we think of Kenny Parry, and how he will always be a part of Easthall Star history.”

EASTHALL STAR Over-35s on a happier evening…. Winning their first-ever Trophy in the Central Region Over-35s League.        

Arthurlie Coach Adds Congratulations To Easthall Birthday List

Arthurlie Amateurs Coach Stephen Connelly has added his and the team’s birthday congratulations to experienced Scottish Amateur Football League campaigners Easthall Star FC, writes Tom Scott.

Yesterday I revealed the Glasgow East End club were celebrating 30 years in the game, Arthurlie Amateurs took a great deal from playing Star in a friendly some three months ago.

Stephen told me: “We played Easthall Star in what turned out to be our last game before the suspension of football.”

“It was a good test for us in Pre-Season against a Premier Division team, and with the game ending in a hard-fought draw, we felt we matched up well against a good side – 30 years is some going at this level, so well done to everyone involved there for that.

As Chief Writer at AmmyFitbaNews I have been featuring how Arthurlie Amateurs approached switching from Under-21 level into the amateurs since last August, and the obvious frustrations brought about by Covid-19 restrictions.

Stephen Connelly has updated me regularly -. especially welcome with the outcome of no football – and he said “You have done well to keep covering teams and and getting articles out there over the past year – with so little to go on.”

“That’s a credit to the hard work you and the team are doing to promote the Amateur game.”

“It’s a poor show that more Clubs and Officials are not taking up the opportunity to give their thoughts on the current situation and football more widely when we can can play.”

“Hopefully there will be a bigger uptake when we are allowed back on the pitch again.”