Saughton Sounders: One Club – Now Three Teams

Sean Burt today exclusively revealed the background to the LEAFA Club bringing a third team (Saturday) into their excellent set-up, writes Tom Scott.

He said: “We explored the option of adding a Saturday team in the same way we added our Sunday Morning side last season.”

“Like the Mornings, we needed someone who had a core group of players, and this is what James (Lothian) and David (Oag) had at Sporting Saughton..”

“We knew they had a very good set of players from playing against them pre-season. I know James after working with him and I approached him about the possibility of coming under our branding.”

“After much discussion, thankfully he agreed.”

I asked Sean how does the new team move forward?

He told me: “As always, our sides are recognisable with our strips and training wear and they will be exactly the same.”

“James and David have assembled a great squad, and our afternoon side experienced this first hand in pre-season.”

“I have no doubt Sounders Saturdays will be ones to watch this season.”

Meanwhile, James Lothian interrupted a busy daily schedule to reveal his involvement and said: “Just before lockdown we took over at Sporting Sounders.”

“I was a player there for a few months before the Manager decided to leave – meaning the team had no one in charge.”

“I had helped out at previous Clubs. Dave had managed before, so we asked him to come in and manage us.”

“Dave has managed at Edinburgh Thistle Sundays, Lauriston Thistle Sundays and Civil Service Strollers Sundays.”

We wish all three teams every success moving forward.