Kelvindale Amateurs Star Completes Charity Challenge

Scottish Amateur Football News has been with him most of the way and now we can confirm Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton has completed his 5km- 51 Consecutive Day Double Charity Challenge raising money for ENABLE SCOTLAND and Time to Tackle.

He revealed today “There has been an outstanding response, and the final amount raised was £1227 – One Thousand over my initial goal of £200!”

“Thanks for all the encouragement and of course the donations. The winner of the signed Barcelona strip was SHONA BENNETT..”

RUN ALL OVER…. David Hamilton has completed his 51-day Charity Challenge.

Double Charity Runner One From Home

The end is near for double charity runner David Hamilton in his pursuit of running 5km over 51 consecutive days. Only one remains – sparking off a cash bonus for ENABLE SCOTLAND and Time to Tackle.

As can be seen from his latest route, it was another move away from daylight hours.

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A lucky winner drawn at random will win the Andres Inesta signed Barcelona top.

Mr Hamilton Challenge Run This Afternoon… 49/51 And Then There Was Two For Kelvindale Runner

David Hamilton is just two 5km Runs away from his 51 Consecutive Day Charity Challenge.

Monday’s Route – a welcome change in daylight – finished with decent weather conditions!

He told me “Looking forward to a rest day. on Tuesday. Knowing me I will probably want to get out anyway.!”

As our ever-increasing Readers/ Visitors following will know, SAFN has been following David’s outstanding Charity Challenge. Please CLICK on the LINK.

You can also reach him via TWITTER @davidhamiltin85

Another Late-Night Run For Charity Runner

Sunday Evening proved another late shift for Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton in his quest to raise cash for Time to Tackle and ENABLE SCOTLAND.

Said David “Another late run. 48/51 complete. Hopefully, back to some daylight runs on Monday afternoon.

“Only three remaining.”

There is still time to donate to David’s daily 5km. Please CLICK on his LINK.

Kelvindale Star Completes Saturday Night Charity Run

There was no mistaking the timing of David Hamilton’s 47th Consecutive 5km Run for two Charities.

The Kelvindale Amateurs full back ignored darkness to leave himself with only four remaining routes ahead of raising cash for ENABLE SCOTLAND and Time To Tackle.

Click on David’s LIKE to make a donation. His Twitter Handle is davidhamilton85

Kelvindale Star Takes To Writing Verse

Here is another string to the bow of Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton – from Charity Runner to Writing Verse! Today he revealed “My son has not long turned 1 year-old, so I pitched it to my Wife that it was for him. No pun intended lol.”

“The inspiration for the idea came from a Support Group I am part of. The chat always seems to sway towards Food the majority of the time, so I thought I would try and combine the two.”

“I wrote this piece the other night. I was wondering what you and the Scottish Amateur Football News Readers make of it?”

“The 200 Degrees angle is the GO-TO-SETTING on the Oven, so I thought it would be appropriate.”


I turn the dial to 200 degrees. Giving time to the expectation of what is about to happen. The gradual rise of all the ingredients starting to sizzle away.

These begin to motor along and are looking crisp and sharp. I get too cocky and take my eye off the ball.

That time slipped away and suddenly it’s peaked. The darkness begins to take a hold and at that moment it starts to burn.

Crumbs are all that is left. Fragments of what once was. In need to start over.

The ovens cold, I can’t eat, nothing is going to rise in that state. No expectations.

I’m shaking and I can’t turn the dial myself. I need to turn the dial to feed my survival.

That moment eventually comes. Back on my feet. 200 degrees and we are cooking again.

David Hamilton is nearing completion of his 51 Consecutive Days Challenge raising cash for Time to Tackle and ENABLE SCOTLAND.

Click on the LINK to give him your support.

Double Charity Runner Right On The Ball

Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton has shown he still has the enthusiasm for a game of football – even although his priority in the run-up to Christmas is completing 51 consecutive days of running 5 km to raise money for ENABLE SCOTLAND and Time to Tackle.

Friday marked Day 46 of the Campaign, and David recorded another run just under the 25-minute mark.

He proudly added ” Only 5 left of this campaign”.

You can donate through the GoFundMe link or Twitter @davidhamilton85

Charity Runner Still Smiling – With Six Days Remaining

Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton was still smiling this morning – ahead of six more 5km Runs over 51 consecutive days raising money for Time to Tackle and ENABLE SCOTLAND.

He said “Yesterday (Thursday) was another one in the bag. Only 6 more to complete the challenge!”

Anyone can donate to David’s Challenge via his GoFundMe Link or Twitter Handle @davidhamilton85

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Double Charity Runner Aims For Magnificent Seven

Kelvindale Amateurs full back David Hamilton is entering the Role of the Magnificent Seven as he homes in on his 51 Consecutive Days raising money for Time to Tackle and ENABLE SCOTLAND.

The weather was not exactly ideal for his Wednesday afternoon 5km run, but you can’t dampen his enthusiasm or dedication to the cause.

He told me afterwards “With 7 remaining, I slowed down a wee bit. Looking to push on again in the final few runs.”

Donations are still welcome via his GoFundMe Link or his Twitter Handle @davidhamilton85.

Charity Runner Set To Reveal Iniesta Strip

Following a late night 5km Route venture on Tuesday, double Charity runner David Hamilton is on the verge of announcing the winner of the Barcelona top which will go to a person who has made a donation.

Early this morning he said “Late lunch for number 44 today (Wednesday). Only 8 runs left. Number 8 on the back of the shirt that one lucky donation will win.”

Scottish Amateur Football News has following the progress of the Kelvindale Amateurs full back since he launched his 51- consecutive day challenge for ENABLE

SCOTLAND and Time to Tackle.

You can also contact David via TWITTER. His Twitter Handle is davidhamilton85.