GDSFC Friendly Trophy Semi-Final Round-Up

League Secretary Mr Nim Roy was delighted with the entertainment value served up at the GDSFC Friendly Trophy Semi-Finals, writes Tom Scott.

Kelvindale 3, Barrhead United 7.

“Kelvindale took a 3-1 lead into Half-Time, but a mistake at start of second half led to a penalty and red card for Kelvindale, which Barrhead converted and took advantage before gaining a 5-3 advantage.”

“Then with 10 minutes to go Barrhead went down to 10 men, and Kelvindale had to push for it, and lost 2 goals in process.”

“Very competitive, entertaining game and a lot closer than score line suggests.”

Fernhill 3, Renfrew Rovers 3.

(Renfrew won on penalties).

“Another great game with Fernhill taking an early 2-0 lead, and looking comfortable before Renfrew got a goal back, and 3-1 with 15 to go and continued to pick up.”

“They got their rewards with two goals. , 3-3 at the Full- Time whistle, and onto the lottery of penalties.”

“Renfrew Rovers winning the shoot- out, and progressing to final.”

Once again, many thanks to Mr Roy for his round-up, and the excellent Graphics.

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