Five-Star Elm Exact Goal Revenge on Albert

Coach-Manager Stuart Syme was thrilled to see the reaction from the Glasgow Elm Football Club as they crushed Craig Albert 4-0, writes Tom Scott.

Said Stuart “We had a rematch against them after they beat us 5-0 to a few weeks ago.”

“If you remember it was the game was had a striker in goals, and our CMs playing at CB.”

“Thankfully, for the rematch I had nearly a full squad to pick from.”

“First half started with a great tempo, both teams getting on and using the ball well.

“We had a few chances, but didn’t take them.”

“Craig Albert were unlucky to lose a couple of players to injury early on, but we had our own injury issue with a striker having to come off at about 25/30 mins, and his replacement Craig McConnel scored with near enough his first touch after Graeme Davidson hit the bar.”

“The play was firmly in our favour, we wasted a few chances, but Graeme Davidson scored just before the break, so we went into half- time two goals to the good.”

“A few changes at half- time saw us re-jig the midfield and keep pressing on.”

“Paul Keys scored our 3rd goal, topping an outstanding performance. He gave their defenders a torrid time all game.”

“The 3rd striker we put on had a handful of chances, but was caught offside. Thankfully, a few minutes later Shaun McNamee got his goal, which was deserved with the work he was putting in off the ball.”

“At 4-0 up, we had an injury and I had to come on. I contributed little apart from a tame how’d volley that the keeper collected comfortably. Ever player, to a man, was outstanding, but a special mention to Ross Cameron, who played at CB instead of CM and strolled the game.”

Goal scorers: Craig McConnel, Graeme Davidson, Paul Keys, Shaun McNamee.

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