GDSFC League: Two Out and One Addition

Secretary Nim Roy has confirmed two Clubs have had to stand-down ahead of next season, but a new addition has been added to the ranks, writes Tom Scott.

Said Nim “BSC folded for a year as their Saturday team have entered the West of Scotland League, so hard to have squads for both. Which is understandable.”

“And Vale of Clyde unfortunately have withdrawn.”

“GDSFC Committee are delighted to announce that Springburn Thistle FC will be joining for the up and coming 2021/ 2022 season.”

“Springburn Thistle we’re previously a Saturday team and last competed in the Glasgow Colleges League (GCFA) but decided to try a new path on Sundays.”

“Delighted to welcome Craig and the Springburn Thistle lads to the League.”

“Following the unfortunate news of the two teams having to fold before the new season has begun, Springburn’s addition takes us to 41 teams for the 2021/ 2022 season due to start mid August.”

“Springburn Thistle will start new campaign in the Only Sport Premier Division, with the full divisions set up to be communicated very soon.”

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