Bellgrove Send Out Appeal For East End Help

Ambitious Bellgrove Amateurs FC Community Group are aiming to bring the East End Community of Glasgow on board with ambitious and forward-thinking plans, writes Tom Scott.

In an honest and open interview with Chairman Mr Stevie McCallum Senior, the full format was revealed for Scottish Amateur Football News.

He said “We are in the process of expanding our Community Group to as many local groups based in the East End, Tom.”

“We feel that with the Community Asset Transfer of Crownpoint Sport Centre facility, will take place and with working close links, with Glasgow Life to make sure the ownership transition over the first 6 months in a hybrid form is successful.”

“We are now starting to contact local companies, to offer advertising space proposal, at the facility and they are being looked after by Frank and the boys of Signs and Graphics based on Duke Street, in the East End, who are preparing very reasonable prices for any companies who wish to purchase a banner and put it on the exterior perimeter of Crownpoint.”

“We are now taking names and numbers of any local businessmen ,who wish to invest in the facility as we look at raising the capital to re develop the grass pitch to floodlit astro.”

Bellgrove have a long standing connection with Glasgow’s East End and feel, that with this facility being taken over by the group,we can work with all local groups,to offer more affordable facilities to them. Longer access as it will be open from: 7am to 10pm 7 days.

Community Cafe project being looked at,so all local kids can have access to hot food ,free of charge.

Bringing back all our favourite past times to the new generation

Marbles or Bools
Kick the Can

“All these activities will hopefully bring all the inter connecting communities within Crownpoint’s area,together and help families re connect with each other,after the pandemic.”

“Hopefully with this article being printed, Tom, some tabloids might want to run with it, and help the already great support we have in place grow and grow.”

“We appreciate the help in any form, Tom.”

“And a big thank-you for your support.”

“Bellgrove Amateurs FC Community Group.”

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