You Have A Home Strip Sponsor: Who Are They? (Glasgow Elim AFC)

Glasgow Elim Football Club Manager / Coach (sometimes player) Stuart Syme has admitted having obtained a Home Kit sponsor, the Club can now be successful in finding a company or individual to back and promote their AWAY KIT, writes Tom Scott.

A recent addition to his lovely family is, not surprisingly, taking up plenty of his daily routine.

He said “Finding a sponsor for our Away Kit would be brilliant.”

“We have a wee break from games now, and I would love to hear from any interested parties.”

Stuart has revealed exclusively to Scottish Amateur Football News their new HOME kit.

He said “Here is a picture, Tom.”

“These are sponsored by Ailsa Project Management

“We are a Church team, and one of the sponsors’ Directors attends the Church.”

“Apart from this we are completely self-funded.”

Can anyone help the Club?

I understand the Churches League have held their Annual General Meeting, and a new divisional structure is planned for their official commencement in August.

Does YOUR CLUB or LEAGUE have a Sponsor we can highlight? Why not email Tom Scott directly with all the information, Photographs or Graphics.

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