Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur Football League News

Scottish Amateur Football News Exclusive.

The Annual General Meeting of the SSMAFL was held this week, and a few highlights from the evening were as follows, writes Tom Scott.

With some changes of roles, the existing 8-man Executive Committee were elected unopposed.

The clubs also approved one change to the League Constitution, which will now be sent to the SAFA for approval.

League President Andy Bryant said: “Reports from all the Office Bearers were presented, and questions asked from the floor, albeit as it was a Zoom, they were from the Screen. lol”

“The main consideration was to the League Structure, given that 2020-2021 was a wipe out. It was unanimously approved that the Premier Division and Development Section stay unchanged.”

“However, the Exec proposed that the Championship remain in 3 Divisions, on a regional basis, to keep any future Covid effects to a minimum. Promotion and relegation was declared, and then unanimously approved by the Management Committee, and the clubs themselves.”

“It was also agreed that despite the delays due to Covid, the League would return to a 3-tier system, along with a Development section for the 2022-2023 season.”

“Several clubs, Refs and Exec members are also running a EUROS Sweep to raise some funds, and the normal club Sweep was held.”

Speakers Night.

“The League have announced a Speakers Night, with a two- course dinner, will be held on 17th July at Legends Bar Diner in Cambuslang.”

“As numbers are limited, each Club will take two tickets to attend the event.”

“Further details on the night to follow.”

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