Clubs Respond To Kilsyth AFC Summer Format

Scottish Amateur Football News Exclusive

Seven clubs have put themselves forward to participate in a super Summer League format devised by Kilsyth AFC, writes Tom Scott.

With many organisations having binned the 2020-2021 season, or are attempting to put teams back on the pitches through short-term competitions, Kilsyth Club/Match Secretary John McFarlane gave up some of his free time today to reveal exclusively how the Caledonian League Club’s forward-thinking has produced such a favourable reaction.

He said: “Clubs will play each other home and away every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon from June 12-14 until July 22.

“The midweek kick-off times will vary timewise as clubs will need to confirm lets. With the day light we have now that should not be a problem.”

“In addition to us, the list of clubs reads as follows:

Barrhill, Condorrat, Campsie, Chryston, Drumpellier, Loganlea and Weir AFC.

“Whoever finishes top of the league-system format table on July 22 – and we will have a play-off if two clubs finish on the same points – will be declared the overall winners.”

Well done to Kilsyth AFC, and thanks again to John McFarlane for his time.

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