Star Boss Looks At Player Expectations For Next Season

Southside Star AFC Manager Lee Smart has been looking closely at their squad amid Non-Contact Training Sessions, and today exclusively reveals a list of players the Club will be looking out for in terms of increasing their potential even further in the GDSFC next season, writes Tom Scott.

Lee, who runs the Southside team with Assistant Manager Marc Lang, said “First up is last season top goal scorer Jamie Smart, followed by Paul McMahon.”

“Jamie is a utility man can play on both wings’ centre-mid or even full back.”

“Paul is a winger, and both are such work horses within the team – really up and down all over the park. Not scared to put in challenges, and then take on a player.”

“Next is Kane Robertson, who loves doing “doggies” in the middle of the park for a full 90 minutes.”

“The boy won’t stop running for the team.”

“Moving onto full backs Ben Chilton and James McEnhill. Both these boys can get up the park and whip in some excellent balls from wide for our strikers to attack. In addition, they are both also unreal from dead ball positions. Really hoping to see the benefits of this next season.”

“Last, but not least, has to be our strikers – Paul McBride and Ryan Duncan.”

“Starting with Paul (pops), he has come onto a game from never playing 11s before, to showing that he can hold the ball up, and also beat a player. Watch out for his absolute wand of a left foot.”

“Now Ryan, who has just joined the team for this season which was postponed, but in a few friendlies he was able to play, you could see that the boy has a goal scoring presence about him.”

“Just hoping he can live up to it for this season.”

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