Alex McDowall Exclusive: Way Ahead at the Football Central League

President Alex McDowall reveals exclusively to Scottish Amateur Football News ambitious plans at the Football Central League where they are set to move with a two-year trial for Summer Football, writes Tom Scott.

Season 2021-2022

Premier of 10 or 12

“Four all in Divisions. As everyone will come back equal, we felt it right to form four Divisions below the Premier to fill these Divisions. It’s an all-in draw ie… First out is Conference A, second out is Conference B etc.. until all teams are placed in a Division.”

Seasonal League of 12 or 16.

“Seasonal League – only League games getting winner by December. If 16, it will require 6 midweek fixtures.”

“Looking to start no later than first of June.”

“Premier Division is made of teams who have put themselves forward.”

“The aim is two relegation spots, with four coming up from Divisions at end of season.”

“The remaining teams will form three or four Divisions, probably with at least 10 in each League.”

“The four winners will be promoted to Premier the following season , the next three in each along with the two relegated will form a 14-team Championship for season 2022- 2023.”

“The remaining teams will go back into the pot of 32 for following season.”

“The winners of the 4 Leagues under the Premier will participate in an end of season Cup Knock Out competition, A v B and C v D.”

“The winner of the Final will then play the Premier Champions in a Charity Shield season opener.”

“Cup Competitions are on the back burner till at least 50% of League games are played. This will enable us to determine winners if League needs to stop for any reason.”

“League looking to kick off 1st or 2nd week in July.”

“No plans for midweek fixtures, although Clubs can pull at least one game forward if needed.”

“No free weeks given.”

“By December, we will look at forming a second calendar year League, with the aim of starting end of April.”

“This is required due to the transition from normal League season to calendar season.”

“Normal calendar season will run from 1st March till November 30th.”

“If any other teams wish to put themselves forward for Premier, pm me within next seven days.”

“If any team would like to move to calendar league…generally March to November, pm me within next seven days.”

Please note, participation in this Division stops you from entering main League

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