You Have Club Sponsors: Who Are They? (EK Harp AFC)

EK Harp only managed to play and win one competitive Saturday Morning League game before the Covid lockdown, but experienced Coach Jimmy Stewart already knew the value of having Club Sponsors on board, writes Tom Scott.

“Like every team, we owe a great deal of gratitude to our Sponsors, who backed us at the start of the season to purchase training kit etc” said Jimmy

“We understood money was tight, so we ran two Football Cards for our Home and Away kit ,and were blown away at the speed in which they sold out. We were then shocked when SC Painting and Decorating Director, Scott Crossley, offered to buy our Training Kit.”

“Standard Real Estate Ltd, and EK Offices. Com and have also been supportive by going further than just buying a winning square for the Away Kit, but supplying our tracksuits.”

“NextGen Scaffolding Ltd won the right for their name to go on our Home Strip.”

“We were on the brink of Sponsorship from a local hostelry in the Town, but Covid brought that to an abrupt halt. It is expected that this will restart when we are allowed back into licenced premises.”

“It is hoped this could be a major sponsor for next season.”

Huge thanks to Mr Jimmy Stewart for supplying the Club’s various Sponsors’.

They are greatly-appreciated by everyone at EK Harp.

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