Gowdie Primed For Central Scottish Challenge

The phrase better late than never could easily be applied to Goldenhill AFC following their departure from the Scottish Amateur Football League, writes Tom Scott.

After almost eight full seasons of working their way through to the Premier top-flight – starting from Division 1B and winning a Championship alongside numerous Cup Finals – Gowdie have been accepted into the Central Scottish Amateur Football League.

Coach Graeme George said: “We are looking forward to playing new stronger opposition.”

With other big names including Oban Saints and St Joseph’s AFC having previously departed the SAFL, Graeme admitted: ” It’s a fresh challenge and in hindsight we should have done this earlier.”

Gowdie started in Boys Club football and celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year. They rarely had a poor SAFL campaign, but came close to finishing 2018-2019 without silverware until prolific striker Jamie Gallagher, who netted 76 goals and was their Player of the Year the previous season, netted a second half penalty kick winner against old rivals St Joseph’sin the Jimmy Marshall Cup Final at New Tinto Park, Govan.

Goldenhill Manager Steven Dock will have 14 of last season’s squad moving forward, and I understand new signings are in the pipeline.

Non-Contact Training has already commenced, and Graeme George confirmed future plans.

He added: “We plan to use Clydebank High School next season. It’s a cracking facility with good changing accommodation. We’ve been there over many years, and the pitch has been resurfaced twice. We also have a very good relationship with the people there, and they are great with us.”

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