Thirds On A Hi-Hi Over Restricted Training

Third Lanark AFC Manager David Ampleford was back on the training ground with restricted player numbers for an hour last Saturday – and he loved every minute of the non-contact stint, writes Tom Scott.

David told me “I got up early and started looking out all the training equipment. It was nice to have that routine again, and brilliant to be back.”

“I know it’s like a diluted version of what we want, but let’s just accept what we can have right now. I’ve said for a while that lockdown has had a devastating effect on Mental Health, so this gives us a little bit of hope that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We’ve managed to retain pretty much every member of the squad from last season. There are a couple of players whose lives have changed with new jobs and becoming fathers, so it’s likely we may lose them.”

“We had two new players in on Saturday, and a couple more coming tomorrow for the next session, plus a possible return of a player who was with us a couple of years ago, which will help spark some more life into the Squad.”

“The coaches and I had spoken about how the session would look. An hour is not long enough when you factor in the warm-up etc. Loads of coaches are doing this return differently.”

“My stance, for now, is that we’ve been so long without playing that we use the limited time to get the ball back at our feet. Following drills on simple touch and movement, we advanced onto a passing drill we often use before games. It’s a great one for passing, moving and concentration.”

“While we didn’t have any fitness-specific segments, the lads were definitely put through their paces.”

“I am looking forward to continuing this twice a week and seeing the Squad take shape.”

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