The Big Saturday Interview: Scott Walker

Goalkeeper / Gaffer Scott Walker, who is with Fernieside and Westside, is in my Interview Series today, writes Scott.

Many thanks to Mr Alan McKay for the photograph.

What was the attraction about joining the team?

“Good group of guys who were previously all together at Whitson Star for a few seasons ,and then all made the switch to stick together at Fernie once Whitson called it a day.”

What are the team objectives short and long term?

“Short term – get back playing games ASAP.”

“Long term – try and work our way back up the League’s.”

Best player you have played with and against?

“There’s been a good few, but probably – Geo McGregor & Paul McCracken at Craigshill.”

What is the best prank or wind up you have seen at football?

“Simple but effective – the old shirt and tie at a game, Danny Glancy getting done a beauty by the Westside boys a couple years back.”

If you could sign a player from a fellow Amateur side to boost your squad, who would he be?

“The return of Bazza”

Do you want LEAFA to return May-July in some capacity with the 2021-2022 Season starting August?

“Absolutely, the sooner the better.”

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