The Big Player Interview: Robbie Sinclair (Third Lanark AFC)

It’s a return to Glasgow today as Third Lanark AFC Captain Robbie Sinclair is in my Big Player Interview Series, writes Tom Scott.

What position do you play with Third Lanark?

“Play everywhere although I’m a winger recently converted to centre half.”

When did you sign, and what was the attraction in playing for them?

“Signed for Thirds in 2017, I think. The attraction in playing for Thirds is getting to challenge ourselves in the best Amateur League in Scotland.”

Have you won any honours, and can you name the years?

“Won back-to-back League titles in my first and second seasons with the Club in the Greater Glasgow League. I think it was 2017/18 and 2018/19.”

What has been the best playing-memory so far with the Club?

“There’s been a few, but probably the day we won our first League Title. Was the first piece of silverware in my playing career.”

What is the best wind-up or prank you have seen in the game?

“Nothing better than getting folk to open up windows in the Changing Rooms that aren’t there!”

What are your Short-Term and Long-Term Aims moving forward?

“Short term goal right now is to get back to playing football, seeing everyone and enjoying the game.”

“Long term is to get us back to where we belong playing attractive attacking football and competing for trophies.” Mon the HiHi!

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