New Coach Vacancy On Offer At Colville Park

Spark of Genius Central Scottish AFL Championship outfit Colville Park E AFC have announced they are in the market to bring an outfield players’ Coach into their set-up, writes Tom Scott.

Without a competitive game since Garrowhill Thistle departed Dalziel Park with a 3-2 victory early last October, new Manager Kenny Henderson and his backroom were left frustrated over the lack of opportunities to get back onto the training ground and work with what amounted to a complete squad rebuild following his appointment.

Mistakes and Individual errors had been highlighted from Pre-Season outings and the Garrowhill reversal, which Kenny and his staff desperately wanted to eradicate under the Dalziel floodlights until Scottish Government restrictions binned games and contact training sessions completely five months ago.

While Boss Hendo has managed to keep everyone on board and safe, he now feels the timing is right to augment his backroom “team”.

Non-Contact sessions for over-17s with limited numbers could return early next month, and Kenny said: “Nobody has left, but these things can change.”

“The plan was always on bringing in a 2nd Coach, so I need to get things moving now.”

The former Premier Division champions plus Scottish Amateur Cup and West of Scotland Cup holders compete in one of football’s best known and competitive organisations.

Potential and interested Coaches can register interest with a DM through the Club’s Twitter Page, or to Kenny Henderson on 07702314289.

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