The Big Player Interview: Chris Cairns (Tollcross Thistle AFC)

Right Back/ Winger Chris Cairns is featured in my Series today as my journey reverts back through to the LEAFA Premier set-up, writes Tom Scott.

Thanks to Manager Mr Alan McKay for supplying the photograph.

What was the attraction in signing for Tollcross Thistle?

“I enjoyed the attractive football Tollcross played, always up there challenging for Cups and the League. Winning trophies and playing good football is what everyone aims to do.”

What are your short-term and long-term objectives?

“Short term is to get back playing and hit the ground running. The team’s objective is to do well in all competitions, and win as much as possible, while playing the best football we can week in week out.”

“My objectives are to retain my place in the team each week and to improve as much as possible as a player. Of course, I would like to be part of the Scotland Select again when we’re back up and running.”

Who is the best player you have played alongside or against?

“Played with too many either at Amateur or a higher level. All the boys at Tollcross are class to play with.”

“For against, probably when playing East of Scotland, I played against ex professionals and boys that were at top teams , which was a step up in class.”

What is the best Wind-Up or Prank you have witnessed?

“We once told a lad we were playing away that week and he drove a good hour to their ground before he realised the stitch-up. Always getting a lad to dress up when no one else is, is a classic.”

Give us an in-sight into the Club’s Management pairing of Alan McKay and Sean Cobain?

“Both Alan and Sean are great Coaches , and are fully committed to doing what’s best for the club.”

Alan is more the strategic one – Tactics, Match Day and Team-Picking. while Sean is more a Coach focusing on Training, Drills, Warm-Ups etc.”

If you were in a position to sign a new player for Tollcross Thistle, who would he be?

“I think we have a strong squad at the moment and it would be difficult for anyone to come along and walk straight into the team from the Amateur Leagues. There’s always room for improvement, but at the moment I think the lads are gelling well.”

“Of course, playing in the later stages of the Scottish Cup you come across some very talented lads playing for good teams, so you could maybe pick out one or two but no specific player.”

Chris Cairns…Delivering another set-piece for Tollcross Thistle AFC.

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