Kilwinning Boss Praises Mental Health Advice From Back Onside

Scottish Amateur Football News Exclusive

Mick Howie has revealed advice and help from the Back Onside Charity group proved to be inspirational for everyone involved at Kilwinning Sunday AFC, writes Tom Scott.

Pre-Covid, initial contact with the Ayrshire AFL club was made through former Coach Craig Doherty.

The Kilwinning Gaffer takes up this remarkable story “Craig suggested getting them to come down and give one of their Dressing Room Team Talks. This idea was met with a purely positive response from myself and other Committee Members, as well as the players. As a club and as a Manager, the importance of good Mental Health within a group is always something we wanted to emphasise with the Squad.”

“Libby Emmerson, who founded the Charity, paid us a visit with Football Coach Tony McNally, and gave myself and the boys an insight into who Back Onside are and what they do. The visit left a lasting impact, and we decided as a team that whenever possible we would try and pay them back whenever we could by doing whatever we could – whether this be me donating money for one of our Players shaving his hair into the Ronaldo hairstyle from the 2002 World Cup , or by some of the Squad doing the 3k a day through the Month of February – raising £135.”

“Before we ordered our strips for Season 2020-2021, we got in touch with Libby to ask if we would be able to have their logo on our strips as a way of showing how important an organisation we feel they are, and she kindly agreed.”

“We hope to do more to help with the Charity in future, and honestly I can’t praise Libby and her team enough for the amount of work and effort they put in to helping people deal with Mental Health in the sporting environment.”

Mick Howie kindly provided some images to go with my Article – Including the Back Onside logo, Group photograph, which includes Football Coach Tony McNally, together with the Kilwinning Home and Away shirts clearly showing the Back Onside Charity.

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