Big Player Interview: Scott Millar (Tollcross Thistle AFC)

Flying Tollcross Thistle Winger Scott Millar takes Centre Stage in my Player Interview Series, writes Tom Scott.

What was the attraction in signing for Tollcross?

“Tollcross consistently compete for trophies every season ,and because of this there’s opportunities to go on and play for the LEAFA Select and Scotland team.”

What are your short and long-term objectives?

“Short term I think it’s just about getting the squad back together to play and enjoy football again.”

“Long term the aim is to win the League, East of Scotland Cup and the Scottish Cup. That treble next season would do nicely.”

“Personally, I want to win the East of Scotland Cup. We’ve come close a number of times and it’s the one trophy I would like to win. I would also like to try and get a few more Scotland Caps.”

Who are the best players who have played alongside and against?

“I have played with and against a number of really good players. Paul McCracken for LEAFA Select, and Stu O’Neil at Tollcross are two really good players I have played with.”

“Couple of good players I have played against on a regular basis would be Kiddo and Bob McKenzie.”

What is the best Prank or Wind-Up you have witnessed in Football?

“Stealing Hornig’s towel – to this day he doesn’t realise it was a prank and blames the opposition.”

Give us an in-sight into the Management style of Alan McKay and Sean Cobain?

“We always get encouraged to play football, trust our ability, keep the ball on the deck, and use the pace in the team going forward. Because of this, we play attacking football, and create a lot of chances each week.”

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