The Big Player Interview: Calum Roberts (Duddingston Athletic AFC)

LEAFA members Duddingston Athletic – enter my Big Interview Series Spotlight today, writes Tom Scott.

Thank-you to Midfielder Calum Roberts, and also Tollcross Thistle AFC Manager Mr Alan McKay, who put together the opportunity (Questions), plus supplied the March Action photograph.

What attracted you to sign for Duddingston Athletic?

“The club attracted me because it was very local, very well run, a decent bunch of guys and they treat and play the game with the correct attitude and respect.”

What are your own personal objectives short and long term?

“I’ve not been at Duddingston for long, but the main objective at the club seems to be giving guys an opportunity to enjoy playing football at a decent level. We don’t set out targets of Cups or Titles, we just encourage each other to give our best each week and see what we can achieve by doing that.”

Who is the best player you have played with and against?

“It is tough to pick a best player I’ve played with as I’ve been fortunate to be part of some very good teams, but if I narrow it down to just LEAFA Amateurs, it would be Stu O’Neil. I enjoyed the seasons in midfield with him. He made my game very easy, and his ability to influence and win a game is incredible at times. His stats speak for themselves , and you feel like you are starting a game 1-0 up with him in the team. Don’t know if I could pick out the best individual I’ve played against , but I played Colville Park in a friendly and they were the best side I have played by a country mile.”

What is the best prank or wind-up you have come across?

“Best prank was probably one that happened to myself unfortunately. After winning the League with Tollcross, the team went into town that night to celebrate. In the past on a night out, an individual would be singled out by the team unexpectedly, and be stripped of his boxers in the middle of a pub or the street. On this occasion, I was the unlucky one and had my boxers ripped off me out the top of my jeans.”

“As expected though, we all got in a bit of a state, and I didn’t return home to the Mrs until the following day. I forgot about what had happened the night before, and when stripping off it took some explaining to her as to why I had been out all night and went home without my boxers on.”

If you were able to sign a player from another team, who would he be?

“An opposition player I always thought would have been a great addition is probably Swanny. He was always the best player on the park in games I played against him. He could score all types of goals, and his pace and movement was superb.”

Should LEAFA/ Scottish Amateur Football be allowed back again?

“Yes, I feel football definitely has to return ASAP. Being part of a football team is far more than kicking a ball about once or twice a week. It is about being part of something, working with a group of mates all wanting the best for each other , and is a great release from the stresses of work or other things in personal life.”

Thanks to Calum, and Tollcross Thistle AFC Manager Mr Alan McKay, who supplied the photograph.

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