The Big Player Interview: Andrew Crichton (Tollcross Thistle AFC)

Tollcross Thistle Centre Midfield player Andrew Crichton is in my Big Interview Feature today, writes Tom Scott

What was the attraction about joining Tollcross?

“Ambitious and had a reputation for playing good football.”

What are the team objectives short and long term?

“Win. Always.”

What are your personal objectives for the team?

“As above, but big push once we’re back to make sure we win the League. And if we get to finish the Scottish Cup, I aim to win that.”

Best player you have played with and against?

“Played with – A keeper I played with at Woodside in Aberdeen, Paul Noble.”

“Played against – A player I now play with, Stewart O’Neill. Played against him in the Select Final, when I was in Aberdeen.”

What is the best prank or wind- up you have seen at Football?

“The classic of telling new boys they need to wear a Shirt and Tie for Cup games. Simple but effective.”

Give us an insight on Management style of Alan McKay and Sean Cobain?

“Good Cop/Bad Cop. Sean takes the majority of the training sessions, which have been really good since he came in. And Alan is more the Manager, organises things, sorts the team out, highlights what we need to work on and tells you when it has not been good enough!!”

“Which is a good mix and works well.”

If you could sign a player from a fellow Amateur side to boost your Squad, who would it be?

“It would daft of me to say this player is the best I’ve played with and then not pick them to join our Squad, so in that case it would have to be Paul Noble.”

Andrew Crichton in Match Day Action for Tollcross Thistle AFC. Kindly provided by Manager Mr Alan McKay.

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