The Big Player Interview: Martin McCann (Murieston United)

Delighted to feature Murieston United Captain and Striker Martin McCann within The Big Player Interview Series today, writes Tom Scott.

What was the attraction in joining United?

“Murieston United are my boyhood team, I played with them throughout my whole youth career and when they joined LEAFA, having played with teams in Edinburgh previously, I couldn’t turn it down.”

What are your own personal objectives short and long term?

“Short term, we are certainly targeting silverware. We feel we have a strong squad full of quality and a good mixture of youth and experience to do that.”

“Long term, we want to solidify ourselves as one of the top teams in LEAFA over a prolonged period the way Tollcross and Sandys have in the last 10 years. Also, to provide a pathway for our younger teams to progress, and join our side and compete, strengthening our club as a whole.”

Who is the best player you have played with and against?

“Best player I’ve played with is Gaz White. We played together at Pumpherston Juniors, Tollcross, and Murieston. We are good friends off the pitch and that transferred onto it.”

“Best player I’ve played against, on his day, Mikey Yuill is unplayable. In the last couple of seasons, he’s been unbelievable, and added more to his game from when we played together, and I had to do all his running.”

If you were able to sign a player for your Club, who would he be?

“If we could sign another fellow LEAFA player , it would be Davey Gallacher from Meadowbank. Our team always have good battles and games are tight. He has a lot of quality , and would add something to our squad.”

What is the best prank or wind-up you have seen?

“Best prank was filling a boy’s ‘tingle’ shower gel with liquid deep heat. He was going straight to work after training, so grabbed a quick shower and didn’t fully realise until he was just starting his shift.”

Should LEAFA/ Scottish Amateur Football be allowed to return?

“I would love nothing more than LEAFA to return ASAP. We have all missed so much football, personally even more so as I fractured my leg, and missed 5 months of last season. LEAFA in any capacity would be a huge boost for everyone involved.”

Thanks to Martin and also Tollcross Thistle AFC Manager Mr Alan McKay for his help, plus kindly providing the photograph.

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