We Were The Champions – Motherwell Kings AFC (2018-2019)

Major turning point in the title race was against Cumbernauld – a late goal producing their 3-2 victory, writes Tom Scott

JUST CHAMPION…. MOTHERWELL KINGS AFC celebrate winning the Premier League Championship in 2018-2019.

Thomas Anderson whipped over a super cross ball and Callum Graham headed home.

There were also defeats that included a 5-3 setback at home against Auchenfoyle which set- up the away fixture. Kings won 3-2 after a tense, tight game.

Having lost against Machan 2-1 ( away) earlier in the season, the return match was a thriller. Kings, 2-0 down at one stage, hit back for a share of the points.

Onto the final game and a 4-1 success against Avendale, while Machan were winning elsewhere 8-3.

Callum Graham scored all 11 goals in an 11-1 victory against Law, but a great all- round team effort and spirit led them to the Championship.

Great credit to Officials John Barr and Paul Jarvie, who assisted with this Title Feature.

Paul added “Winning the Premier League was a great feeling, a real achievement for the effort that everyone had poured into that season, and it was something in the making with the potential in the team, and now it was a reality.”

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