MTK Holytown Player Provides Club Background And Mental Health Challenge

Centre Midfielder Liam Fagan has outlined the GDSML Club background plus participation in last week’s amazing 24 hour Challenge to raise Suicide Awareness, writes Tom Scott

“We started this football team in 2020 as we have been successfully running a Holytown Suicide Awareness Day since 2017, which is a 12 team 7 a side Tournament competing for the Paul Fagan Memorial Cup (my dad), who unfortunately we lost to Suicide 13 years ago.”

“Over the years , we have been growing as a strong Fund-Raising Community for Chris’s House- a Charity close to our hearts, which is situated in Wishaw, and helps the local Community, and further afield with Mental Health and Suicide Awareness.”

“We decided to start the Amateur Football team to run alongside this as there is a decent core of players involved in organising the day. We have gathered sponsorship from MTK Global Scotland, who are situated in Holytown Main Street, where a lot of the Community go to train and benefit from putting the work in there. Other sponsors include local Holytown Man Chris Bungard MMA Fighter, local Shop Omar Premier, Chris Muldoon Local Barber, and General Motors Social Club.”

“We also have on board Martin Daly Builders, and Aidan McCulloch Plumbing Services. All of these local business and people are the main reason we do what we can do , and are a great help.”

“We were taking part in the Holytown Suicide Awareness 0-100k Walking/ Running Challenge, which is being ran by local Fundraising team Holytown Suicide Awareness. We decided as a team to create the 24- hour Running Challenge as part of this Challenge for Chris’s House.”

“We gathered 48 runners and gave out Half-Hour time slots from Midnight to Midnight – Saturday, 20th February. Some boys ran for an hour, other boys ran for 2 hours. It was a really successful Challenge, and we covered a total of 292.6k (181 miles).”

“We weren’t trying to actively raise money for this Challenge as Holytown do a big Fundraising Day in June, and we don’t want to be asking for money every time we do something.”

“This Challenge was just purely for raising awareness on our behalf , and to get people out there to push on, and hopefully help them get out a rut that most us have been in through Lockdown.”

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