Dennistoun Thistle: Club Secretary Raises Issues Beyond Covid

Head of Marketing combined with being Club Secretary are Voluntary Roles Laura MacKenzie loves taking on normally at Dennistoun Thistle, but these are tough times not only for the Glasgow East End-based Club and over 1000- plus throughout Scotland, writes Tom Scott.

Thistle were founded in 2019, but circumstances have conspired to prevent them from actually completing a single season!

As can be seen from the links I have included, the Churches League outfit have thriving Social Media platforms, and today for the benefit of Scottish Amateur Football News, Laura MacKenzie looks beyond the worst of Covid-19, and what could be on the horizon – not only for Dennistoun Thistle – but at other Clubs.

Club Facebook:

Club Website: –

Club News –

Pitch Costs and Costs of Running Amateur Teams – “Our current let is £160 for a game on a Saturday morning and £60 for an hour of training, with facilities likely to be further constrained due to Covid-19, facilities will likely put their prices up again making the affordability of Amateur Football even more challenging, particularly at a time when players may not have much disposable income and businesses may not financially be in a position to help. There’s also still a question around if Covid Protocols will increase running costs for Clubs.”

Dennistoun Community Sports Hub – “Dennistoun is in the process of setting up a Committee and Community Sports Hub joining all the local Clubs in the area together to share experiences and pool resources/efforts. It’s in the early stages at the moment, so not much to say yet, but there are a number of East End-based Amateur, Semi-Pro and Kids teams involved as well as other sports teams – so once I have more information, I will share with you.”

Players and Amateur Football – “Will it be easy to attract players back if they’ve filled their time with other things and will they be able to afford it?”

“Will they be worried about coming back and not being good enough anymore?”

“Will they be worried about Covid-19?”

Issues around getting teams up and running again after Covid-19 – “There will be lots Clubs taking this on board, and the trials of getting players fit, match ready, and building the off-the-field side up again so we’re ready to go.”

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