Sunday League Set To Launch Mental Health Check

Secretary Nim Roy has revealed a new GDSFC Initiative will help and support anyone suffering Mental Health issues, writes Tom Scott.

Nim, a big follower and supporter of Scottish Amateur Football News, said: “Tom, just wanted to share something, we are doing at GDSFC”

“Although we’re hopeful better news is on the horizon for football returning, we want to ensure all our Managers, our Players, our Team Mates and Friends always know they have the support they need.”

“GDSFC is launching our #MentalHealthVAR check – a simple online form, completely anonymous, that lets anyone update on what’s been happening, and how the lack of football is affecting them. It’s entirely anonymous (unless someone reaches out for help), takes a minute to submit, only two members of the League Committee can access responses to ensure as a League, the right support is available to help everyone.”

“We have sent out to all our Managers to share with their team and encourage them, Coaches and Players to complete if they want.”

“All about an anonymous, no pressure support mechanism – we just want to make sure everyone knows support can be found and is there.”

“Thank-you to Willy Stewart (GDSFC Committee) & David Hamilton (Kelvindale FC) for making the Survey.”


Many thanks to Mr Nim Roy for the Photograph and Graphic on the brilliant Project.

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