The Big Player Interview – Jack Blaney (Tollcross Thistle AFC)

Opening up the new week my Big Player Interview switches from the West to East of Scotland, and Tollcross Thistle AFC Centre Midfielder Jack Blaney, writes Tom Scott.

What was the attraction about joining Tollcross?

“Always competing at the top of the League and the high standard of players.”

What are the team objectives short and long term?

“Objectives are to win the Scottish Cup and the League.”

What are your personal objectives for the team?

“Maintain my place as a regular starter in the team, and win the League and Scottish Cup.”

Best player you have played with and against?

“Josh Walker at Edinburgh City.”

What is the best prank and/ or wind up you have seen at football?

“Tying a player’s clothes from one end of the Changing Room to the other.”

Give us an insight on the Management style of Alan McKay and Sean Cobain?

“Progressive Management style that demands the best out of each player in the team.”

If you could sign a player from a fellow Amateur side to boost your Squad who would it be?

“Ciaran McGuire.”

Match Action photograph and player availability organised by Tollcross Thistle AFC Manager Mr Alan McKay.

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