Gary Dunnery: From The Rose To Tollcross Tin Pail

Can it really be six months since Vale of Clyde Sunday AFC Manager Gary Dunnery laid out the background on his move to the famous Tollcross (Glasgow) Tin Pail during Covid-19, writes Tom Scott.

Doesn’t time fly – or drag in frustratingly – amid restrictions, Tier-4 and lockdowns. Fittingly, Gary was only too willing with an article last Thursday, which posed the question everyone in Scottish Amateur Football would like answered “When Will We Be Back?”

In early August, Gary presented Scottish Amateur Football News with his journey from The Rose AFC to Vale of Clyde’s new Sunday team.

He said: “After three years as The Rose AFC, in which we won two league titles (albeit the second one was joint due to the pandemic and average points decision), I was looking for something to move the club up a level in terms of standard and set up.”

“Having been at Vale of Clyde myself and seen the great work Manager Mark McKay was doing, not just on the park but off it as well, I asked them about joining up. The pandemic gave us plenty of time to talk on the phone and Mark’s ideas, drive and ambition matched what I wanted for my own side, so we decided to change the name from The Rose to Vale of Clyde.”

“Vale of Clyde as a club now boasts a s Senior side, Saturday Morning team and ourselves on a Sunday, and with Cambuslang Football Academy joining this season, it will mean a full Academy set-up, and we are proud to be a part of that, and what the future holds. “

“Selfishly, I also brought the team over to keep learning myself. I’m in my seventh season as a manager, and despite the stress (lol) I’m enjoying every minute. David Kidd is also alongside me, and his experience at the Motherwell Academy and a lengthy Amateur career helps massively. Target for the Football Sunday Central season will be to challenge at the top of whatever Division we are put in.”

“We would like to thank the Vale of Clyde Committee, Manager Mark McKay, and sponsor, The Roof Doctor, for all their help.”

Gary Dunnery, Manager, Vale of Clyde Sunday AFC.

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