Rovers Losing Players To U.S. Scholarship System

Olly Dickinson admits Kilsyth Rovers face the prospect of losing players when football is eventually restored – including two who have been accepted for University life in America, writes Tom Scott.

Head Coach Olly said “We’re completely mothballed, as I suspect the vast majority of teams will be. We’re trying to stay positive, support the lads in their personal lives, doing plenty of Mental Health check ins – but realistically we all just want to be playing football, and that seems an incredibly long way off at the moment.”

“The league are trialling Summer Football as you know, which will suit some and not others – but ever has it been thus. I am not sure what the situation will be when we return – I’m speaking as an Ammies football fanatic when I say I think some people’s priorities will have shifted – a lot of people have realised just how much time a Saturday or Sunday team takes up from their day to day lives.”

“Kilsyth will lose two of its best players after they got Scholarships to the US Universities system and I think a few more of the boys will be looking to kick on to that next level – we’ve got some seriously talented lads who could make it at Junior level if they applied themselves.”

“As for me, not sure where I will be next season. Ideally, we can kick Kilsyth forward, but I’ve moved house to be on the Southside of Glasgow and have had a few initial conversations about coaching closer to home rather than trekking up the M80 and beyond. I’ll stay involved in the game in some capacity – but I am waiting on a knee operation that means playing is out the window until most likely 2022.”

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