Kilbride Announce New-Team Expansion Plan

Kilbride Thistle AFC will have a new team in their structure next season – with the current Saturday afternoon set to apply for membership of the West of Scotland Conference League set-up, writes Tom Scott.

Confirming details of both in an exclusive for Scottish Amateur Football News, Manager Sean Kenney told me: “As you know we have been speaking with Officials from another Ayrshire AFL club, and they have agreed to come in and will play under the name of Kilbride Thistle.”

“It is also common knowledge that we will be applying to join the West of Scotland League and take the squad we currently have through with us. There is no point in telling lies and saying it is just a rumour, but I want to stress bringing another team on board under the banner of Kilbride Thistle AFC means it is an expansion of our set-up.”

“In addition to the Saturday teams, we will also run an Under-20 squad plus the Sunday teams – giving us four in total.”

“That is another reason why we are pushing for our own home ground next to St Matthews Secondary, Saltcoats, which you also exclusively reported on last month.”

“The area photographed used to be called Jacks Park until the new School was built, but many refer to it as St Matthews. We still go with the name Jacks Park.”

Many thanks to Kilbride Thistle AFC Manager Mr Sean Kenney for the overhead photographic view of the ground.

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