Tin Pail Sunday Boss Asks: “When Will We Be Back?”

You can sense the confusion and frustration that has gripped Vale of Clyde Sunday AFC Manager Gary Dunnery as he sifts through the experience of no competitive football since last March, writes Tom Scott.

The Vale of Clyde Sunday AFC Gaffer… Photograph kindly provided by Mr Gary Dunnery.

Covid-19 has shattered any ambitions of continuing to uphold the great history of the famous old Tin Pin name established through Junior Football, but Gary put that to one side as he said: “Before I begin on this one, although I’ve not been affected by the pandemic myself, I know people who have, and my thoughts are with anybody who has lost loved ones in such a terrible time for everyone just now.”

“It’s been a strange time for everyone and adjusting to having no football to be involved in has been difficult. I’m in my seventh season as a manager and with the routine that goes with that, such as Session Planning, Training, and Games at the weekends not happening at the moment, it’s a strange feeling.”

“At the Vale we have continued through our own wee Committee to speak via WhatsApp and things like that in regards to planning ahead for next season, which has kept us going in recent months. The players have been running to a target of 80km this month, and we’ll probably up that next month so they can tick over also.”


“Who knows. This new strain of the virus has set us back no end. The frustrating thing is we had a good Pre-Season. An excellent win in our last game before what was meant to be the season start, and then it was never to be as it was cancelled. We have built a really good group of boys, and we are hopeful we will have everybody there to go again when the time comes.”

“We are still waiting on word of this season believe it or not. In my opinion, planning to return for Pre-Season is where most clubs probably are now. Obviously if there is a way back this season, we will be good to go. League Fees and Insurance Payments in my opinion should be carried into next season to the penny. Clubs have shelled out money and not played one competitive game all season, and yet it looks as though some of that we won’t see back, which is very disappointing.”

“Amateur Football itself has been decimated for nearly a year now. I still can’t understand why Kids’ Football was allowed to go ahead and yet Adults were told to stop. Maybe I’m not clued up enough on certain aspects, but I can’t help feel the Amateur game as a whole was unfairly treated in certain areas.”

“For Vale of Clyde, I continue to help Mark McKay with his running of the Club, and also Manage the Sunday side and I will be there raring to go next season. Let’s hope we can kick a ball before too long for us all to benefit physically and mentally.”

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