SAFA Spotlight On: Football Central

SAFN Chief Writer Tom Scott has been taking a look at the progress being made by the Football Central Over-35s Section, plus their focus on Sunday games.


In 2015, President Alex McDowall and Paul Davies started an Over -35s League to help continue the pathway and allow some of the older players to retain interest.

Very quickly the Officials brought Andy Dykes and Danny Cameron on board.

They had 8 clubs in their first season, but the idea clearly gained plenty of interest, and as the SIXTH season approaches, Membership is around 64 clubs with more showing interest.

Alex McDowall said “For next season, we have also set – up an Over 40s Division, and are looking at implanting a 45s at some point.”

“Our league continues to grow and we must look at other ways if we keep growing.”

EASTHALL STAR FC Over-35s …..Winning the Football Central League Championship.


They had hoped to be looking at starting back by now, but clearly that has not happened due to continued restrictions.

The next target could be March but only time will tell on that deadline.

Alex added “We’re looking at the possibility of splitting the Leagues set-up just now to possibly determine if we can form something for next season.”

SAFN will feature any announcement on developments once President Alex McDowall releases official details.

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