The Big League Interview – Mr Donnie Brooks

SAFN Chief Writer Tom Scott went for a League top-table Official in today’s Big Interview. Mr Donnie Brooks provides an in-depth look at the Glasgow Colleges Football Association.

Please give your full name, position within the League ,and the length of time you have been involved?

“Donnie Brooks, League and Match Secretary. I played in the Colleges League with Kirkintilloch Miners around the mid-seventies before taking up refereeing in 1977. Although I went through the Junior ranks, and then on to senior football. I still refereed in the Glasgow Colleges FA most Saturdays.”

“I then helped the league out by organising referees for their games due to my contacts and this continued until 2006, when the then League Secretary resigned and they asked me to take over. I said that I would help out for a couple of seasons until they got someone permanent but that didn’t happen and I am still here.”

Do you have a League Committee, and what are their individual roles within the set-up?

“We have a League Committee of four. I am the League and Match Secretary and Ken Sinclair is the League Treasurer. Andy Egan is the League Discipline Secretary, and our President is Tom Dunn.”

“Both myself and Ken are neutral, while Andy is connected with MSM and Tom is with St Davids.”

How many Clubs and Divisions feature in the Glasgow Colleges Football Association?

“We have 32 teams in the GCFA. The Premier League has 12 clubs and Division 1 (A and B) have both got 10 clubs.”

Has any decision(s) been reached on starting the 2020-2021 season? Can you provide details on how the clubs voted?

“We sounded all the clubs out on their thoughts and two proposals were put forward.”

“Proposal 1 was to finish the season completely and restart in August (hopefully) with season 2021/22.”

“Proposal 2 was to wait and hopefully play Cup ties if we were allowed before the end of the season.”

“The voting was as follows Proposal 1 = 17 votes, Proposal 2 = 10 votes. 5 clubs decided to abstain and go with the majority.”

Are there any plans in place to bring new Clubs on board for season 2021-2022?

“At the moment we have 5 new clubs who have yet to kick a ball in the GCFA, but we are happy with our numbers at the moment. However, if any new clubs applied their application would be considered by the League Committee.”

If so, who do they contact/ method of making contact as part of the recruitment?

“They would contact myself by email (”

Have the League any sponsors they wish to highlight ie League fixtures/ Cup games?

“The GCFA is self-sufficient and at the moment we do not have a sponsor. If, however, one came forward we would be happy to speak with them.”

Finally, what are your priorities moving ahead once restrictions are eased enough to allow Clubs back on the park again?

“Obviously we are hoping to get playing again as soon as possible. However, bearing in mind the loss of lives throughout the UK in particular our main concern is to ensure that when we are given the go-ahead to resume playing again the health and safety of all our players, committees and spectators is uppermost in our thoughts”

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