Kinross Challenge Exceeds All Expectations

Players and Committee Members have been praised for a 5k Challenge overlapping December and January at Kinross Colts Amateurs, writes Tom Scott.

Kinross Colts Amateurs

In another great exclusive for Scottish Amateur Football News, Representative Jez Grimwood revealed exactly what has been going on at the Kingdom of Fife AFA Club.

He said “With the extended break and interrupted start to the season, we were conscious of the problems this could cause for both fitness and mental health caused by Covid.”

“We set- up a fun challenge and all the players and our Committee from our ‘A’ side joined up to it, where they were split up into 9 separate teams, each containing 3 or 4 people, and every team had to record a 5k walk, run or ride each day.”

“Each person would record evidence through apps like Strava, Fitbit etc, and would post the info for that day for their team onto a private Facebook group created just for those involved.”

“The turn-out has been excellent with most days covered by each team (all 9 teams posted for each day).”

“We thought it would maintain some form of fitness which they wouldn’t ordinarily be getting with no games or group training. It would also foster some team-bonding across the whole club and encourage members to chat with each other within their smaller team, too. “

“We think that has also been crucial to help people’s mental health by encouraging them to take part in keeping fit, and still feel a part of the squad while we’re not physically meeting up.”

“We are also hosting a Zoom Call Quiz Night every few weeks, where we all meet up, have a beer, a laugh and a Quiz. It has been quite popular, and great for team morale during these unprecedented times.”

Kinross Colts Amateurs Main Sponsors are Central Fish & Chips, and Central Pizzeria.

Great to see local businesses supporting Amateur Football Clubs – no matter the Region they play within- during these tough times. Well done everyone!

Photographs kindly provided by Mr Jez Grimwood.

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