The Big Player Interview – Bellgrove Captain Lee Muir

Good to hear a captain’s viewpoint on BELLGROVE AFC – and some of his own personal playing highlights, writes Tom Scott.

LEE MUIR…..Bellgrove AFC Captain.

Full Name and Position?

“Lee Muir. Captain – Striker / No 10”

When did you join the club and what was the attraction?

“Signed in 2018-2019, I think. No real attraction just love playing football, and the Manager saw something in me and gave me a chance.”

Any Honours Won?

“3rd Division Champions 2019-2020. Top Scorer, I think, in 2 seasons. Player’s Player of the Year twice. Robert Baird Trophy.”

Best Memory at Bellgrove AFC?

“Winning the League in my first full season as Captain and scoring 2 vital Goals from distance at Crownpoint to help with our push for the title.”

“Also scoring with an overhead kick in a Friendly indoors at Toryglen.”

What is the funniest excuse you have heard of a player missing Training or a Game?

“This has to be John McCourt. I am sure it was something about his Mrs getting her nails or eye lashes or something done.”

Give us an insight into the Management style of Stevie McCallum?

“Bellgrove through and through. Seen something in me from watching me play 5s. with friends and never really looked back. Knows how to get the best out of me, be it arguing with me, so I go out on the pitch in a mood, which at times gets the best out of my game, keeping me calm and composed during big games. Always trusts me with anything thrown my way, and transformed me into a free roaming attacker, which took my game to another level.”

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