The Big Player Interview – Craig Bowers (Bellgrove AFC)

Playing Position at the Club?


Won any Honours?

“Sunday Central Division 3 winner. Season 2019-2020.”

What is your best-ever memory playing for Bellgrove?

“For myself, has to be the game against Third Lanark. We were 1-0 up at half-time. We change to 4 at the back from a 3, and over the next 25 minutes we are 4-1 down. The coach and the gaffer decide to go 3 at the back, and we claw back three goals to draw the game. That point, later in the season, gave us the title.”

What is the funniest excuse you have heard from a player missing training or a game?

“Best excuse I have ever heard was a player not turning up for a League game as his gran (granny) stole his car. Still chuckle writing it.”

Give us an insight into Stevie McCallum’s Management style?

“The gaffer wants us to give 100% at all times, even if it’s a friendly or competitive games. There’s no excuses. Wants the team to play attractive football, but also do the dirty work when it’s needed.”

“He puts his own style in tactics that he feels will work. Sometimes it doesn’t, and he holds his hands up he was wrong.”

“When we hear the system or formation, even though we don’t agree in our heads, we trust him to practice it, and give it a go.”

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