Bellgrove Boss Urges Support For Community-Linked Project

Bellgrove Amateurs FC Manager Stevie McCallum insists building a pitch in the Calton area of Glasgow’s East End would create a new sense of community spirit, and help people re- connect with each other again amidst the current pandemic, writes Tom Scott.

The Bellgrove Amateurs FC Community Group, who have put together a project to build a community pitch on the old St Mary’s School (Calton) park are awaiting confirmation of a meeting with A.S. Homes to discuss the idea.

The group have been working tirelessly to attract support from Councillors, the Celtic Charity Foundation, Golden Generation Group and local Housing Associations.

Said Stevie: “We know we have a long way to go, but the project will embrace all the surrounding communities and allow them to bond.”

“The idea is needed and welcomed by the community as nothing for the young generation is accessible locally.”

The pitch project won’t just focus on football, but could easily be adapted to offer other popular sports / games, allow youngsters to have fun, and develop a healthy frame of mind.

Driven by the sheer ambition and enthusiasm of Stevie McCallum, the “To-Do list” of jobs which will require hard work include:

* Meeting with A.S. Homes.

* Registering for Charity Status.

* Meeting with the Celtic Charity Foundation.

* Bringing the local Housing Committees on board.

Bellgrove Amateurs FC. Left: Stevie McCallum Senior, and Stevie McCallum Junior.

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