The Big Player Interview – Steven Burns (Bellgrove AFC)

SAFN Chief Writer Tom Scott embarks on another Player Interview and at a new location – Glasgow East End club Bellgrove AFC.

He posed the Questions to man of many playing positions (it would appear) STEVEN BURNS; Goalkeeper, Centre-back, Right-back, Left-back, Centre-Mid, and Striker.

When did you sign, and what was the attraction in playing for them?

“Many many years ago and many times over. The bond of the team and the desire and passion of the Manager that has been installed into the team.”

Won any honours?

“League title 2019-2020.”

What is your best-ever memory playing with Bellgrove?

“My best memory at Bellgrove was playing poor for many games and how the Manager and players had the passion to ensure I had the backing of them through this difficult time for me. For me, that’s my best memory that meant a lot to me!”

What is the funniest excuse you have heard from a player missing training or a game?

“Too many to even think of”

Give us an insight into Stevie McCallum’s Management style?

“Stevie (or Steph) McCallum is one of the easiest Manager’s I have had the pleasure to play under. His understanding of the game is clear to see once you speak to him and is very specific on your role, and what you can offer to Bellgrove. Very much a Manager who knows when a player needs a cuddle or the kick up the backside if they are not performing to the level he believes they can achieve, or the standard they have set for themselves. His man- management is second to none. He likes to keep all players in the loop on what is happening in and around the team, fantastic Manager, great motivator, and an all-round fantastic guy, and in my opinion Amateur Football is a whole load better for having Stevie (or Steph) McCallum involved.”

STEVEN BURNS…..Not letting go of the Championship trophy.

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