Headline Makers Revisited – Steins Thistle and The East of Scotland Amateur Cup

Following my Monday Exclusive on Aberforth Rangers winning back-to-back East of Scotland Cups, former Steins Thistle AFC. Coach David George contacted myself with a brilliant account of his time at the club in the same competition, writes Tom Scott.

David kindly gave me his time in revealing changes within Thistle, and an excellent array of photographs from one of the East of Scotland Finals.

I draw your attention to one of thos celebration photos we all love to cherish and retain from being involved in football.

3 Trophy Parade: Left to Right – David George, Tam McGrellis and Tom Young.

David was also able to provide a copy of the Back Page Headline showing central midfielder and captain, Gordon McRoberts, holding aloft the East of Scotland Cup from the Falkirk Herald newspaper.

Here he exclusively reveals the Steins Thistle AFC inside story:

” The 2014- 2015 campaign was the most successful year in Steins Thistle 50 years club history.”

” In the season 2013- 2014, Steins won the East of Scotland Cup for the first time in the club’ s history – a historic moment for the club after missing out on two finals before that.”

The club changed Management in 2014-2015 due to Greg Mitchell and Steph Martin moving on due to work commitments. Ex-player Tom Young took the job on, and brought loyal friend and ex-player Tam McGrellis, followed by ex- player and Coach Davie George.

“Most of the squad stayed and Tam introduced a few experienced players, along with a good few players from our Under- 21 set-up. That season they went down in history by retaining the East of Scotland Cup for the first time since Aberforth Rangers achieved this. I believe that has only been done three times in the East of Scotland Cup history.”

” The club went on to win the Central Scottish AFL First Division that year along with Robert Whyte Trophy completing the treble.”

David proudly admitted “The team, Committee and Management had a really close bond on and off the pitch – one of the best we have ever experienced.”

* Many thanks to David George for supplying all photographs and Falkirk Herald newspaper

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