Easthall Star Memories: Record Club Goalscorer Craig Smith

Reckoned by many to be one of the best signings made by Manager Danny Cameron, all-time goal scorer Craig Smith takes reflects on some memories at Glasgow East End Amateur club Easthall Star, writes Tom Scott.

Craig Smith: all-time top goal scorer, and played for 21 years.

Last week, I revealed Ian Gillies was still lacing up the football boots aged 51 years.

Ian Gillies ….18 year at Easthall Star FC and still playing aged 51.

Said Craig “For big Ian to be pulling on the boots at 51 is unbelievable.”

“Ian is a no-nonsense defender and trains the way he plays – 100% committed in the tackle, and been a good servant to Easthall.”

ON THE MANAGER: “Danny (Cameron) deserve enormous credit for keeping Easthall Star going all these years – 30 in total.”

Easthall Star Management duo of Danny Graham and Danny Cameron.

“There were times when we struggled to put a team in the park. due to injuries.”

BEST EXCUSE FROM AN ABSENT PLAYER “We had 7 or 8 guys you could count on every week like most teams.”

“I have heard of a few. Some of the excuses we used to hear were nothing short of incredible.”

“Like: ” I can’t make it today (Sunday game day). I am getting carpets fitted on Tuesday!”

“Another one was: ” I won’t be there today. I am in Largs having a wee day away!”

“Now we were struggling to get a team on the pitch, and here you have guys there (Largs) for an ice cream lol.”

Watch out for another article from Craig Smith, and why he has stepped down from playing Amateur Football.

Photographs kindly provided by Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron.

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