Andy Bryant: “I Support Decision Not To Start Season”

For as long as he sits at the top-table in any football organisation, Andy Bryant will not want a repeat of Tuesday’s Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur League zoom call, when Member Clubs voted to bin the 2020-2021 season, writes Tom Scott.

While there are slight hopes that finals of Cup competitions unfinished from 2019-2020 may still be completed, Andy, who doubles up as League President / Treasurer exclusively revealed “I sadly, fully support the decision.”

“This was discussed at length by our Executive before we went to the clubs, and the clubs were told exactly the thoughts of the Exec, and why we had come to that.”

“Some of our Executive guys actually run clubs, and they were already resigned that we would not get competitive football played.”

“I and we, also took into account the many NHS personnel we have in our ranks, and in the game in general, who have worked tirelessly to keep us safe, and to try and play football at any competitive level IMO would be disrespectful to their efforts until we know for sure it would be safe to do so.”

“Given that dressing rooms are very unlikely to open for months, and that some venues, especially in Glasgow, will remain closed for the foreseeable future, also led us to the decision.”

“Yes, our Executive, along with myself, are beyond being gutted at this, BUT the priority has to be human welfare, and not our game at this time. We will get back to normal, but let’s do it safely, however much it is a massive blow to the league, players, clubs, officials and sponsors.”

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