Finnart and Easthall Star Rivalry: Turn Up The Volume

There is nothing quite like a Glasgow East End Amateur Football derby and Easthall Star FC Manager Danny Cameron can recall plenty of memories going up against Finnart AFC, writes Tom Scott.

Star celebrated their 30th anniversary exactly a week ago, and the club encountered red-hot Sunday games against a variety of different teams from the Carluke and District set-up, plus the competitive Burnside League, which one year produced all four Scottish Sunday Trophy Semi-Finalists – including Easthall, who were defeated 1-0 by Barrhead.

However, nothing stood up against the derby meetings with Bridgeton – based Finnart, according to Danny.

He told me: “They were our derby rivals. We always had ding-dong games against them. You know, we were lucky if we lost overall 7 games against them in a period of five years – yet we still could not win a League Championship!”

Easthall all-time record goal scorer, Craig Smith, recalls a great memory from one of those epic meetings.

He revealed “Probably one of the best games and one of the best goals I ever scored was against Finnart. A few weeks prior they put us out the Scottish Cup.”

“I can’t remember the score – Danny can help with that- but we were right up for it because of that, and the history between both teams over the years. We won the game 3-1 I think, but it was the way we won.”

“I scored a penalty after getting brought down by our old captain, Gizzy. Finnart pulled it back to 1- 1, then we scored in a break away (2-1). After that, Finnart were knocking at the door wave after wave of attacks – they were throwing everything at us.”

“Finnart had a corner in the last few minutes. I could see their ‘keeper was playing higher up the pitch, so I decided to stay high up the pitch and wide in the hope the ball would break to me, and that is exactly what happened. I touched the ball just inside their half and smashed it in just under the bar.”

“That’s probably one of the best goals I’ve scored for Easthall, and we won.”

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