Ambitious Floodlight Fund-Raiser Draws Hige Support

A three-club Last Man Standing Competition organised to help raise money for the installation of floodlights and involve their local community has sparked huge support, writes Tom Scott.

LEAFA Sunday Morning team Pentland Athletic FC, Penicuik Amateurs and Royal Penicuik are driving the project, which has spun into a Rollover after backer Mr Tom Alexander missed out on £1500 when Tottenham Hotspur failed to beat Fulham (1-1) last midweek.

Pentland Athletic FC Manager Gary Nicolson said: “After only one day of promoting the Rollover, the amount of interest expressed was amazing.”

“The Floodlight plan is ambitious, but would give clubs and the community a place to play and train. The location is well known, but I want to stress Last Man Standing participation is not just restricted to anyone living locally.”

“For an entry fee of just £10 – half the jackpot will go to the winner – the Competition will commence on 5th February.”

Contact any of the three clubs via Officials, Players or Social Media.

Pentland Athletic FC, founded in 2019, are sponsored by The Pentland Inn and Airlie’s Glazing and Locksmith.

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