A Sponsor In Your League – Who Are They? (Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL – Sammy’s Italian Kitchen)

Chief Writer Tom Scott has had an amazing response to his brand, new Series featuring the people we can’t do without at the best of times – never mind the worse during a pandemic – League Sponsors.

How well do you know your Competition backers? I was given exclusive access to every sponsor in the Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL by President & Treasurer Mr Andy Bryant, writes Tom Scott.

If your Sponsors – League or Cup – could do with publicity, why not contact me with full details. And if enough interest is shown, what about Club Sponsors?

As one top Manager recently told me “Something highlighting sponsors would be a worthwhile idea. Let’s be honest that side of the game is going to be decimated.”


Andy Bryant exclusively revealed: “Sammy’s Italian Kitchen sponsor the Premier Division.

“Owner Joseph Gordon, originally started sponsoring the Division as Gordon’s Bar, but changed to the food side of the business.”

“Sammy’s do great deals for eat-in, collection and delivery, with a varied range of others.”

“Joseph committed very early to continue with his sponsorship right at the start of the pandemic, and the League will be delighted if that continues in the future.”

“The League’s Social Media features adverts from them, and we try to promote Sammy’s Italian Kitchen at every opportunity.”

Andy Bryant, President & Treasurer, Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL

Contact: 07403019219.

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