New Haghill – St. Roch Set-Up Still Remains Positive

Paul Hughes has admitted one man deserves full credit for keeping the amalgamation of Haghill- St Roch firmly on track despite the pandemic – namely Joseph Gordon, writes Tom Scott.

The partnership plan was secured by the A team having membership of the Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL, Premier, while their B squad would scrap for Development Section silverware alongside a host of well-known amateur clubs.

Paul, who was himself hugely successful in management at Haghiil AFC over several seasons, told me “Joseph and I are still actively engaging every other day – trying to keep the boys going. it is very difficult to be honest.”

“I have to say Joseph (Candy Manager) has a passion for the game unlike most even during the pandemic. He is driven to make the two teams work, and has been a great help in taking some of the burden of running a team off me.”

“Joseph has an incredible appetite for Amateur Football. He still plays as well as running the teams alongside me, and is also one of the main sponsors with his own business in the Strathclyde Saturday Morning League, which shows his undoubted commitment to the amateur game.”

“It has been stop-start, but mostly stop for everyone. We had a few friendlies when we could play – Bengal Lancers (Premier Division) 5-2, St Roch Under-20 Development 4-5, and John Street (mixture of both) 4-2.”

“We managed some training sessions at Crownpoint, Royston and Springburn, and the guys have played 5s and 7s when that was allowed.”

“Now it is all about keeping in touch with the boys, and having them in place for the season going ahead.”

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